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August 14, 2007 17:24 ET

Noran Engineering's NEiFusion Sets Precedents for Use of Virtual Testing at the CAD Design Stage

WESTMINSTER, CA--(Marketwire - August 14, 2007) - Noran Engineering, Inc. (NEi), a leading developer of Nastran finite element analysis (FEA) software, announced major enhancements in NEiFusion, its simulation product targeted for use early in the design process. In addition to a 3D parametric geometry engine for easy model creation and Nastran solvers for accuracy, NEiFusion V1.2 contains two examples of highly sophisticated simulation tools that have been specifically configured for use at the CAD design stage from a cost, time, and ease-of-use standpoint. One is the Automated Impact Analysis (AIA) Wizard and the other is Optimization Analysis.

AIA, which can also perform virtual Drop Tests, uses a simple input form to define projectile initial velocity and acceleration while the NEi Nastran solver automatically sets up the surface contact and calculates the time steps needed to capture an accurate nonlinear transient event simulation. The tool has a wide range of application possibilities from consumer portable electronic products to medical and military devices.

For Optimization Analysis, NEi in partnership with Red Cedar Technology employed the Hierarchical Evolutionary Engineering Design System (HEEDS) to create a tool that can assign design objectives to minimize, maximize or target parameters like geometric data, weight, eigenvalues, stress, and temperature. In practice, Optimization may reveal innovative solutions that proved difficult to find because the design space was complicated and highly interrelated, a typical scenario that occurs in designing high strength to weight components.

Dave Weinberg, CEO of NEi, summarized the value of the new technology, "NEiFusion is all about being relevant to today's product development teams. The pressure is constantly on to design faster, better, cheaper. But how do you do that? One way is to change the 'make and break' methodology that consumes so much time and money in prototypes, testing and redesign. Our answer is a simulation tool that efficiently and affordably substitutes up-front virtual testing and provides affordable and usable optimization at the CAD design stage."

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