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March 20, 2013 10:30 ET

Noraxx Embraces Cloud-Based Inspection Reports

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 20, 2013) - Noraxx Inspections Inc., a leading food safety management service provider, has embraced the power of the cloud to improve the accuracy and efficiency of compliance audits and inspection reports with Field ID.

With field inspectors serving food industry clients across Canada, Noraxx has completely digitized inspection processes and is now gathering inspection data in real-time through the cloud-based safety management system. Noraxx currently produces between 125 and 200 inspection reports per week for grocery stores, restaurants, and other food establishments and facilities.

"We've used other systems and had to deal with databases, outdated mobile devices, and inconvenient problems with transferring safety data from the field," said Neil Buchmann, Director, Noraxx. "Field ID has given us the power to use the latest Android devices and sync our inspection data instantly from anywhere, and that means more efficient service for our clients. From the inspection itself to the elimination of backend workloads - what used to take us a day now takes us an hour."

Previously, Noraxx inspectors used older personal digital assistants (PDAs) for inspections and data had to physically connect to a server to transfer and manage information. With Android devices or internet-connected laptops, inspection data is available immediately for instant access by management or clients in customized inspection reports.

"Each of the establishments or facilities run by our clients has very unique food safety standards to meet, from Canadian public health guidelines to internal quality initiatives and policies," said Al Brewer, Director, Noraxx. "Field ID gives us the power to customize and deliver instant, detailed inspection reports based on each customer's protocols and compliance needs."

Field ID's inspection and safety compliance management software is available on the web and mobile devices operating on Google Android, Apple iOS and Windows Mobile.

"Many companies in food industry and other sectors are realizing the power of today's leading smartphones and tablets when it comes to improving efficiency, traceability and overall workplace safety," said Somen Mondal, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Field ID. "Combining the latest mobile devices with the cloud can literally change the way a company stays compliant with any safety standard or compliance organization."

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