Norex Exploration Services Inc.

Norex Exploration Services Inc.

March 03, 2008 17:50 ET

Norex and ARAM Announce Start of First Large Scale Three Component Job

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2008) - Norex Exploration Services Inc. ("Norex" or the "Company") (TSX:NRX) and ARAM Systems Ltd. ("ARAM") today jointly announced the start of a large scale three-component ("3C") seismic acquisition program with one of Norex's U.S. based customers.

3C technology allows clients to acquire shear wave seismic data in addition to the conventional pressure wave data currently captured and processed for seismic imaging. The inherent value of shear wave data continues to increase, as for example, it enhances geophysicists' ability to discern the existence of oil versus water in reservoirs. This technology also has advantages over existing 3C technology, and can be deployed on a more cost effective basis than current 3C platforms.

The 3C seismic acquisition program currently being completed entails 12,555 receiver stations over 104 square kilometers and is providing Norex's customer with a unique opportunity to utilize state-of the-art technology to acquire premium seismic data. While Norex and ARAM have deployed this 3C equipment in prior programs, this job marks the first large scale application of this technology for both companies.

"We are excited with the growth opportunities in the United States and Canada that this technology provides. Our customers now have access to 3C technology, with the benefit of the exceptional field service and performance they have come to expect from Norex and its subsidiary Conquest Seismic Services, Inc." commented Paul Crilly, President and CEO.

"ARAM has always focused on providing cost effective seismic acquisition solutions that are robust and geophysically sound. Our latest system release, the ARAM Multi-Component ("MC"), is based on emerging ARIES II technology and is performing exceptionally well in the field. Patches in excess of 10,000 live channels (3,333 three component stations) are currently being recorded in real time. In addition to the large volumes of data being recorded, we are extremely pleased with the ARAM MC's low power consumption, wind and noise resistant packaging, and the system's cost effective and efficient deployment," stated Chris Chamberlain, President and CEO of ARAM Systems Ltd.

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About Norex

Norex, and its divisions Conquest Seismic Services and US subsidiary, Conquest Seismic Services, Inc., provide premium 2D, 3D, 4D and 3C land-based seismic data acquisition services in Canada and the United States. Norex is the largest operator of ARAM ARIES® recording equipment in Canada and provides state-of-the-art technology to the North American oil and gas industry. Norex trades on the TSX under the symbol "NRX".

About ARAM

ARAM is a leader in design and manufacturing of the most technologically advanced seismic acquisition equipment in the world. ARAM's manufacturing facilities reside in Calgary with international sales and service centers located in Houston, Beijing, Dubai and Moscow.

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