May 05, 2008 10:15 ET

Normabec Cuts 828 g/t Ag (24 oz/t) Over 6.10 Metres on its Real de Catorce Property in Mexico

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - May 5, 2008) - Normabec Mining Resources Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:NMB) (FRANKFURT:N6M) ("Normabec" or "the Company"), through its wholly owned Mexican subsidiary Minera Real Bonanza S.A. de C.V. ("MRB"), is pleased to announce additional results from its on going surface and underground drilling programs on the Veta Madre and Refugio structures at the Real de Catorce Silver project in north-central Mexico (see VetaMadre-LongitudinalSection at

The best intercepts of the past month were obtained from the Veta Madre Purisima oreshoot in VMP-23 (828 g/t Ag over 6.10 m) and from the Refugio vein in VMP-22 (411 g/t Ag over 19.61 meters) which represents a horse tail type of structure to the Veta Madre Structure.

Drilling of the Purisima oreshoot first crosses Refugio then reaches the Veta Madre target (see underground-drilling-Section map at Refugio is a sub-vertical east-west striking vein which merges at its western end with Veta Madre. In many instances, drilling does not intercept the Refugio vein at an ideal angle such that the horizontal width of the intersection mentioned above in hole VMP-22 is estimated at 3.5 meters.

Underground Drilling:

The results below (in tabular form), relate to the ongoing drilling program that is being carried out to delineate the depth extension of the Purisima oreshoot.

HOLE m m m g/t (oz/t)

VMP-20 146.45 148.00 1.55 134 (3.91) Refugio vein
VMP-21 16.39 17.23 0.84 540 (15.75) Hangingwall vein
126.30 128.10 1.80 287 (8.37) Refugio vein
Refugio vein(incl. 3.05 m of
VMP-22 95.14 117.80 19.61 411 (11.99) stope)
VMP-23 79.12 82.60 3.48 265 (7.73) HW Refugio vein
223.20 229.30 6.10 828 (24.15) Veta Madre (low Pb and Zn)

Hole VMP-23 is the westernmost hole drilled to date on the Purisima oreshoot indicating that the shoot is still open in that direction (see VetaMadre-Purisima-drilling-results map at Holes VMP-20 and 22 yielded low grade values in the Veta Madre structure. Drill hole VMP-21 was abandoned, before reaching Veta Madre, while attempting to cross an open stope within the Refugio vein. The Refugio vein is developing as a significant structure and will become a priority target in the future.

Surface Drilling:

The following table shows the latest results obtained from surface drilling along a productive portion of the Veta Madre structure.

HOLE m m m g/t (oz/t)
VMS-25 162.75 166.60 3.85 139 (4.06) Veta Madre
VMS-26 142.45 147.50 3.35(i) 330 (9.63) Veta Madre (incl. 1.7 m of
VMS-27 110.10 111.35 1.25 572 (16.69) Veta Madre HW
121.90 125.50 3.60 427 (12.46) Veta Madre
VMS-28 110.85 118.35 5.00(i) 227 (6.62) Veta Madre(incl. 2.5 m of
VMS-29 211.30 215.90 4.60 205 (5.98) Veta Madre
VMS-30 215.80 219.60 3.80 165 (4.81) Veta Madre

VMS-31 234.55 242.00 5.85(i) 172 (5.02) Veta Madre (incl. 1.6 m of

(i) The mineralized intercepts are located on both sides of an open stope

Hole VMS-26 is the easternmost hole drilled to date from surface on Veta Madre while holes VMS-29, 30 and 31 are the deepest in that portion of the vein (see VetaMadre-surface drilling-results map at The structure remains open in all directions.

Some open stopes have been intersected in holes VMS-26, 28 and 31 and VMP-22. The results shown above represent the average grade of the footwall and hangingwall portions to the mined out areas.

The process of the 43-101 resource estimate was started during the month. This calculation should include surface holes VMS-01 to VMS-40 and Purisima holes VMP-01 to VMP-27 although many results are still pending. The company wishes to complete this study for the beginning of the summer. Approximately 50% of the Veta Madre structure, which reaches 1.5 kilometers in strike length, has been covered from surface down to the 150 metres level while lest than 20 % has been covered at depth in the sulphide zone.

Samples were prepared and assayed at Chemex Lab of Guadalajara, Mexico. Methods used are Au-ICP21 for gold and ME-ICP41 for multi elements including silver. Detection limits for Ag are 0.2 - 100 ppm. Silver values higher than 100 ppm are submitted to method AG-AA46 consisting of aqua regia digestion with ICP-AES or AA finish (up to 1,500 ppm Ag). QAQC was performed using two silver standards and one blank being introduced alternatively (every 25 samples). Duplicates are being performed by the laboratory.

This press release was reviewed and approved by Pierre O'Dowd, geologist and qualified person as defined by NI 43-101 of the Canadian Securities Administrators.

Normabec is a junior mining exploration company with a portfolio of advanced projects including: the Pitt Gold project in Quebec and Real de Catorce Silver project in Mexico.

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