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May 04, 2009 05:00 ET

Nortel Enhances Carrier VoIP Portfolio to Upgrade Security, IP Solutions

Nortel Expands Media Gateway 3600, Extends Availability to North American Market

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 4, 2009) - Nortel(i) (TSX:NT)(OTCBB:NRTLQ) has enhanced its media gateway portfolio with the latest release of the Media Gateway (MG) 3600. The MG 3600, originally available in Europe, CALA, and Asia, is now available across North America and has added features including security enhancements.

Nortel's MG 3600 is a carrier-grade, medium density VoIP trunk gateway that offers service providers a cost-effective way to reach to smaller markets that require less network capacity than densely populated areas. The latest release of the gateway has been updated to meet the technical standards and requirements of North American service providers. In addition new features have been added including security enhancements that can reduce security threats for service providers and help ensure their communications systems perform uninterrupted.

"Nortel's MG 3600 is a key element of the company's Transit and Multimedia Interconnect solution. We have taken our expertise from the MG 15000, one of the world's leading gateways for high capacity networks, and applied it to the MG 3600 to give service providers a cost-effective way to bring carrier-grade voice and multimedia services to less populated markets," said Samih Elhage, president, Carrier VoIP and Applications Solutions, Nortel. "Having access to a smaller sized gateway at a lower cost allows carriers to access more markets in a more cost-effective way. The MG 3600 also allows for capacity to be added in smaller increments than a gateway made to serve a large, densely populated region so it scales at the right ratio and cost for smaller markets. Even though smaller, this product still offers complete carrier-grade options. The latest release of the MG 3600 includes new security features such as encryption on the signaling channel that protects the networks from attacks that could cause loss of service."

The MG 3600 has an easy to use, intuitive, and integrated management system that helps reduce service provider's operational costs. Nortel's class 4 VoIP trunking solutions, together with Nortel's media gateway portfolio has proven to generate 80% cost saving between capital expenses and operational expenses when migrating from TDM to VoIP.

The MG 3600 monitors voice performance and identifies problems in the voice path to ensure high quality voice communication. In addition to extensive voice and PSTN features, the MG 3600 also provides a reliable fax and modem transport solution, all on a single platform. The solution has greater than 99.999% reliability which helps provide seamless, uninterrupted service. Its advanced voice processing features enable high quality voice over DSL or high-speed IP networks.

The latest release of Nortel's MG 3600 also introduces a small AC-powered version of the existing DC-powered shelf that provides capacity up to 80 T1 or E1 spans. The larger DC-powered shelf offers capacity for up to 128 T1 or E1 spans. Nortel's MG 3600 provides this level of capacity in a small footprint and uses less energy than larger density gateways, which makes it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution - especially for regional or rural service providers. Nortel's MG 3600 also provides the capability to connect VoIP networks to other long distance networks, networks operated by other carriers, and individual business networks.

As part of Nortel's Transit and Multimedia interconnect solutions, the enhanced MG 3600 complements Nortel's existing Trunk Media Gateway portfolio which includes the high density MG 15000 and low density MG 3200 products. Nortel's Media Gateway portfolio maximizes service offerings while bridging TDM networks to next-generation packet networks in line with IMS and IP standards.

According to Dell'Oro Group(ii), Nortel is the worldwide leader in carrier VoIP and has maintained that position since 2002. Nortel has shipped more than 100 million carrier IP voice and multimedia ports to over 320 carriers globally. Nortel provides VoIP solutions to two thirds of IDC's worldwide listing of top 20 carriers (by revenue).

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