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June 09, 2009 06:00 ET

Nortel Rolls Out New Solutions for Business Process and Application Integration

Continues to Offer More Ways to Drive Productivity, Reduce Costs, and Enhance the User Experience

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire -June 9, 2009) – Nortel(1) (TSX:NT)(OTCBB:NRTLQ) continues to drive theintegration of communications and business processes with advanced services andsoftware-based solutions that expand the array of applications and capabilitiesavailable to enterprises, while supporting more multi-vendor environments.Today the company is announcing enhancements to itsAgile Communication Environment and MediaProcessing Server, in addition to the upcoming global availability of ContactCenter 7.0.

Nortel's Agile CommunicationEnvironment (ACE) is a next-generation software platform aimed at fuelingbusiness agility and productivity. With ACE, communications functionality likeinstant messaging, voice, video, location, and presence can be quickly accessedvia open Web Service interfaces. These capabilities can then be easily blendedwith business processes and tools such as customer relationship management,enterprise resource planning, GPS or WiFi asset tracking, and video monitoringto create powerful new applications.

Building on ACE's leadingcapabilities, Nortel is rolling out Release 2.0, which includes a Hot Deskingapplication to provide single number access to employees on any type of phonein any location. Employers can use Hot Desking to lower real estate costs by asmuch as 25 percent, reduce telecommunications costs for mobile employees byover 10 percent, improve customer care, increase worker productivity, andbetter prepare for emergencies. This solution is ideal for enterprises withmulti-vendor telecom environments, as it integrates with a variety ofthird-party PBX systems.

A simple web browser interfaceenables users to hot desk to any phone with a couple of clicks and a phonecall. There is no need to log into a secure, corporate VPN first or to remembercomplex PBX remote call forwarding commands. Hot Desking is also not reliant ona VoIP-quality network, making it a low-cost alternative to a PC soft client.Employees also win as higher morale associated with flexible working options isoften cited in workplace surveys.

ACE Release 2.0 also introduces anew global architecture to further enhance integration with IBM Lotus Sametime8.0.2, broadening the application coverage of previously announced IBM Sametimeintegration for click-to-conference and enhanced presence capabilities.Additionally, Release 2.0 delivers support for the Microsoft Windows Serveroperating system and remote call control features for Microsoft OfficeCommunications Server 2007 (R2 Standard and Enterprise Editions).

ACE continues to extend itspurpose-built integration with third-party telephony vendors such as Cisco andTandberg and now includes support for Avaya. Support for Siemens will be partof a future release. This latest release of ACE also brings a set of desktoptools for Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer to increase workerproductivity. In the coming months, Nortel will roll out a variety of newapplications, telecom infrastructure adapters and platform features, includingadditional mobility support and IBM Lotus Notes integration.

ACE was recently named a TMC 2008Communications Solutions Product of the Year(2) for excellence in the advancement of voice, data, andvideo applications. Internet Telephony also crowned the ACE with a 2008 Productof the Year award for outstanding innovation.

As part oftoday's announcement Nortel is also introducing Release v3.5 of its Media Processing Server (MPS), a Web-centric, IVR self-servicesystem engineered for power and flexibility to meet the needs of diverse callcenter environments. This release signals the ongoingcommitment to the Nortel MPS self-service platform, which is completely open,protected and scalable.

Release v3.5builds upon MPS' rich natural language capabilities with support of the latestIBM and Nuance speech engines; VoiceXML, to provide an environment foraccelerating application development; and expanded third-party integrationsupport into Avaya AES. MPS supports TDM or IP networks without costlyre-engineering of existing data and telephony infrastructure. MPS v3.5 can beinstalled in current MPS 3.0 environments with a simple software upgrade.

In addition tothe ACE and MPS enhancements, Nortel is also announcing global availability ofContact Center 7.0 on June 30.

"Contact Center7.0 provides greater efficiency through its enhanced security and redundancyfeatures," said Jim Bradley, director, Network Services, Palm Coast Data,(2)an industry leader in magazine fulfillment. "The new security featuresenable us to more effectively meet compliance requirements, saving time andmoney."

Florida-basedPalm Coast Data has been trialing Contact Center 7.0 and it is helping themaddress stringent, auditable data protection requirements associated withPayment Card Industry compliance by removing creditcard details from emails to protect the security and confidentiality ofcustomer information.

Contact Center7.0 is a native SIP-based solution with tightly integrated unifiedcommunications capabilities and hundreds of new featuresto help businesses drive efficiencies, reduce operating expenses, and providebetter customer service. It leverages a Service Oriented Architecture andincludes features such as open interfaces, predictive outbound dialing, and aservice creation environment drag-and-drop graphical user interface for quicklyorchestrating contact center workflows.

"The announcements today reflect Nortel's continued dedication anddrive to taking customers to the next level of business performance," said RaviChauhan, general manager of Communications Enabled Business Solutions, Nortel."We understand that in today's environment customers are seeking thehighest possible value in their investments to deliver tangible, financialreturns on an in-year basis. Nortel's solutions can deliver those financialbenefits and lay the foundation for a business' future success."

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