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April 05, 2012 10:00 ET

North Austin Veterinary Clinic Promotes Adopting Pets From Shelters and Rescues

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Apr 5, 2012) - Dessau Veterinary Clinic announced that the animal hospital strongly supports pet adoptions from shelters and rescues. On the clinic's website, they have a special page called the "Adoption Center." While the clinic is not a drop off for unwanted animals, the staff works with pet owners that are fostering pets available for adoption. The clinic provides veterinary care for several animals in need of permanent homes and gets the word out on the adoptable animals through their online adoption center. As part of the vet clinic's care, these animals are spayed or neutered and microchipped. The animal hospital is encouraging prospective pet owners to contact the clinic to meet these animals who are in need of a forever family. The vet clinic works to facilitate animal adoption, raising awareness about inhumane puppy mills and offering a free wellness exam to animals adopted from a shelter or rescue group. Other clinic services include wellness care, dental care, cat and dog boarding, and grooming.

North Austin veterinarian Dr. Kellee Campbell is encouraging prospective pet owners to visit the Dessau Veterinary Clinic's online adoption center. The Pflugerville animal hospital is not a rescue or drop-off point for unwanted animals, but encourages pet adoptions by sharing information and pictures on adoptable pets currently living with foster families.

"Every pet deserves a loving home," said Dr. Campbell. "Sometimes, we meet animals that we simply can't give up on. While we do not run a shelter or a drop-off, we do strive to facilitate adoptions and increase awareness. Our online adoption center features pets some of our clients are currently fostering."

The Austin veterinary clinic is currently providing veterinary care for Barney, a ten-month old mix. Barney was found wandering one morning on Dessau Road. The clinic also recently helped foster families find a permanent home for a rescue named Sporty and a rescue named Shelly.

"As part of our commitment to supporting pet adoption, we also encourage pet owners to spay or neuter their pets," said Dr. Campbell. "Many pet owners are surprised to learn that the majority of animals in shelters are actually the descendants of beloved family pets rather than street animals. Spaying or neutering a pet is an important step to reducing the unwanted animal population."

As part of their adoption advocacy efforts, Dr. Campbell and fellow veterinarian Dr. Susan Waage are committed to raising awareness about the inhuman conditions of puppy mills. According to Dr. Waage, many individuals do not realize that by purchasing an animal, they may also be supporting puppy mills.

"Animals in puppy mills are turned into breeding machines," said Dr. Waage. "They are denied basic veterinary care, exercise and affection. Even worse, once their ability to breed ends, these dogs are dumped and discarded. By choosing to adopt an animal in need, you help eliminate the market for puppy mills."

"My pup Speed Bump is a rescue that worked her way straight into my heart," said Dr. Campbell. "I can attest to the joys of opening your home and heart to a pet in need, and I hope all prospective pet owners will consider adopting."

In addition to the animal clinic's online advocacy center, Dessau Veterinary Clinic also offers first time free wellness exams to all animals adopted from a shelter or rescue group. Comprehensive veterinary services are also available, including dental care, surgical care, pet grooming, and dog and cat boarding.

Individuals who wish to learn more about the animals available for adoption may contact a veterinarian at the vet clinic or visit the online adoption center,

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