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April 08, 2015 07:00 ET

North Dakota Orders 5 Companies to Reduce Oil Production Due to Flaring Off Gas; Flare Off Gas Is the Worst Fuel That a Combustion Engine Could Operate on; No Engine Manufacturer Builds Engines to Operate Continuously on Flare Off Gas; Coates International, Ltd. Is the Only Company in the World That Manufactures Engines and Generators That Operate on Flare Gas or Waste Gas Continuously Including CNG-LNG, Propane, Hydrogen, Gasoline and Diesel

WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ--(Marketwired - Apr 8, 2015) - Coates International, Ltd. (OTCBB: COTE) (the "Company"). There are no lubricating elements contained in natural gas. Poppet valve engines that are put on this fuel only last for a short period and then the engines are totally destroyed. Coates International, Ltd. designs and builds CSRV engines and gen sets specifically to operate successfully on flare off gas, landfill gas, CNG-LNG and other engine fuels. 

As referenced in the Associated Press via Yahoo Finance, April 2, 2015: Bismarck, N.D. (AP) -- Five oil companies must reduce their production at certain wells in North Dakota as a penalty for burning off more natural gas than allowed last month, a spokeswoman for the state's Oil and Gas Division said.

The state ordered the five companies to curb their production to 100 barrels per day at certain wells starting this month. Alison Ritter, a spokeswoman for the division, said this is the largest number of companies and wells the state has sanctioned since new flaring regulations took effect on Jan. 1, the Bismark Tribune reported.

The new rules require companies to capture at least 77 percent of natural gas produced during oil production. Under a policy adopted by the State Industrial Commission, the 100-barrel restriction applies to companies that are not capturing at least 60 percent of the gas from the well.

The division ordered production to be restricted at certain wells operated by Emerald Oil, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, QEP, Abraxas Petroleum and Enerplus.

Coates International, Ltd. President and CEO, Mr. George J. Coates, comments: "Natural gas, flare off gas, and CNG-LNG do not have any lubricating elements contained in this fuel. Poppet valve engines that are converted to operate on natural gas simply do not last very long without sustaining permanent and serious damage. Poppet valves develop pitting and piston compression rings wear out in a very short time. Scuffing and corrosion is also a problem as this gas is sometimes acidic.

"Coates International, Ltd. has designed and developed the patented Coates Spherical Rotary Valve (CSRV) engine that operates on these gases successfully and continuously.

  • There are no poppet valves in the combustion chamber of the Coates engines.

  • The CSRV system is made of non-corrosive alloys.

  • No engine oil is used to lubricate the CSRV system.

  • A patented sequential injection system is incorporated that injects a minute amount of diesel onto the walls of the cylinders to lubricate the number one compression piston rings of each cylinder.

  • Natural gas only contains 900 BTUs.

  • The CSRV system utilizes much higher compression ratios.

  • There is no maintenance required to the CSRV system for the life of the engine.

  • Engine oil changing intervals are extended from 5,000 to 50,000 miles or more.

  • Servicing downtime is reduced.

  • Emissions are reduced dramatically.

  • Fuel consumption is reduced by 18% or more.

  • Much greater volumetric efficiency.

  • Less vibration; smoother and quiet running.

  • Higher engine thermal efficiency.

"Diesel fuel contains a little over 3,000 BTUs, gasoline contains a little over 2,000 BTUs and natural gas contains only 900 BTUs.

"Engine manufacturers do not produce engines that operate on flare off gas; they gave up trying. Standard poppet valve engines operate on natural gas and incorporate an 8 to 1 compression ratio. The CSRV incorporates a 12 to 1 ratio. This makes a tremendous difference in higher thermal efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions.

"The Coates organization has a great future once it starts producing these CSRV products in large numbers and fills its customers' orders."

There can be no assurance that the Company will be successful in any of its endeavors.

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