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July 26, 2011 07:00 ET

North Portland Veterinarian Goes Global With Launch of New Veterinary Hospital Website

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - Jul 26, 2011) - Whether people are looking for symptoms to see if a pet needs emergency vet care, details on dog surgery, or more information on how to best care for a specific animal ailment, they can find it on the new website launched by Peninsula Dog and Cat Clinic at The North Portland veterinary clinic has long been caring for dogs, cats, reptiles and small mammals in the Pacific Northwest, and now the veterinary hospital is sharing its knowledge, resources, and expertise with the rest of the world. The Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic has launched their new website which has a range of interactive features and tools for pet owners.

The site showcases feature articles that are relevant to all North Portland pet owners. Current topics include going green with pet dogs, foods to avoid when a pet is on a low-sodium diet, and the fun and furry side of ferrets.

"Our new website is a great resource for owners of all types of pets," said the clinic's lead veterinarian Dr. Kenneth DeRemer. "It provides information on animals of various sizes, shapes -- and species, with a heavy focus on how to provide the best care for all pets."

The Vet Topics portion of the site contains a wealth of pet-related information, including a library of specific animal ailments and diseases. Included are the symptoms, care, and treatment information on fleas, arthritis, hookworm, ticks, seizures, salmonella, and other common and not-so-common pet afflictions. A Vetopedia contains definitions of common medical terms used in the veterinary field while another section is devoted to the veterinary approach to animal welfare.

Visitors can learn about the various services offered by the emergency vet clinic, which go far beyond the usual vaccinations and spay neuter procedures. Many vets today have expanded to include dog dental care, a full range of small animal vet services, and a comprehensive wellness program tailored specifically to each individual pet.

People who are considering pet ownership but do not yet own a pet can also find a host of useful information on the veterinarian's website. Articles geared to walk new owners through every step of a new pet's process include tips on bringing a new pet home and ensuring a pet has the proper preventative care, diet, and environment in which to thrive.

The North Portland veterinary hospital website even takes the process one step back, with an interactive tool designed to help users determine the best pet for their lifestyle and household. The "Pet Selector" offers a series of questions based on the amount of care, exercise, grooming, and other factors potential pet owners are able to provide and then generates a list of specific dog or cat breeds that suit them.

A section of the emergency vet's site is also built for kids. Some features, such as creating their own virtual dog, are all in creative fun while others, such as the quiz that matches U.S. presidents with the dogs they owned, also provide an educational experience. Even adults are likely to enjoy some of the humorous videos in the kids' section, which include a dog dancing like John Travolta and another dog on a trampoline. Pet owners interested in learning more about Peninsula Dog & Cat Clinic, can visit the website at

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