Northern Superior Resources Inc.

Northern Superior Resources Inc.

November 12, 2013 09:00 ET

Northern Superior Resources: Exploration Update, Croteau Est West-Central Quebec

SUDBURY, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 12, 2013) - Northern Superior Resources (TSX VENTURE:SUP) ("Northern" or the "Company") is pleased to provide an update on its 2013 exploration program, Croteau Est property, west-central Québec. The program achieved its primary objectives: (1) gaining a better understanding of the geology, structure and mineralization associated with the Croteau-Bouchard Shear Zone (the "CBSZ"); and (2) identifying additional, high-potential mineral exploration targets on the Property.


Completion of a limited core drill program during Q1 and Q2, 2013 within the CBSZ (3 drill holes: 761.7 m) intersected low to medium grade gold bearing material but did not intersect a previously identified high grade shoot that had been anticipated by the drilling program. To better understand the associated structures, the Company cleared a trench over the area where previous drilling had intersected a high grade shoot associated with strongly sheared and altered quartz-feldspar porphyry (QFP) dyke. This trench work produced the following results:

  • Exposure of the high grade shoot in the trench was successful as evidenced by the observed mineralization and assays derived from the channel and grab samples (see Table 1);
Table 1:Assay Highlights - Croteau Trench #5
Gold Value Sample Type Mineralization Type (Alteration)
4.37 g/t Au/0.7 m (f)* channel sheared QFP dyke (qtz-ser-ank-py)
16.35 g/t Au/1.25 (M) channel sheared QFP dyke (qtz-ser-ank-py)
4.39 g/t Au/0.6 m (M) channel qtz vein in sheared QFP dyke (ser-ank-py-mag)
8.78 g/t Au/0.95 m (M) channel sheared, stockwork qtz veined QFP dyke (qtz-ser-ank-py)
4.27 g/t Au/0.85 m (M) channel flat dipping extensional qtz vein (qtz-ser-ank ±py)
6.64 g/t Au/0.9 m (M) channel flat dipping extensional qtz vein (qtz-ser)
52.8 g/t Au (f) grab sheared QFP dyke (ser-ank-qtz-py-cpy)
68.7 g/t Au (f) grab sheared QFP dyke (ser-ank-qtz-py-cpy
58.8 g/t Au (f) grab sheared QFP dyke (ser-ank-qtz-py-cpy)
*(f) fire assay, gravimetric finish (M) metallic screen assay
  • Observations made that high grade gold is associated with the QFP dykes where they enter and exit the CBSZ and specifically, where there is a dilational jog in the dyke that creates potential for a high grade shoot arrayed as a plunging lineation that extends to depth within the CBSZ;
  • Association of the QFP dykes and gold mineralization to the basalt-shear zone-tuffaceous sediment contact- the rheological and physiochemical contrasts appear to be critical;
  • Indication that the CBSZ represents the north limb of a fold, likely closing towards the west at a fold "nose" and potentially folding back on itself with the mirror image of the CBSZ on a southern limb;
  • Repetition of this sequence as a series of folds and possible "mirroring" of CBSZ- like mineralization may continue south on the property, as suggested by observations made from the airborne geophysics;
  • Extension of the shear zone associated with the CBSZ likely continues east for another 20 km, including the Gwillim Gold Mine, the Mop-II Deposit, and the Norbeau Showing, 10 km east of Lac Gwillim; and
  • The drill program defined the western extent (150 m) of a second gold-bearing shear zone (FFS Zone, 3 drill holes: 261.0 m), aligned parallel to, and south of the CBSZ (Table 2).
Table 2:Assay Highlights From the CBSZ Corehole Drilling Program.
Drillhole ID
(Au g/t)
Mineralization Description and Host Rock
CRO13-56 (CBSZ) 28.5 29.4 7.700 0.90 brecciated qtz-calcite vein, 1% py
52.1 53.7 0.541 1.60 sericite-carb schist, 3% Py, 5% qzv
92.0 93.0 1.175 1.00 sericite-carb schist, 3% Py
126.5 128.7 2.299 2.20 carb-sericite intermediate tuff, 4-7% Py, up to 30% qzv
213.7 214.7 0.983 1.00 sericitized siltstone, 1% Py
CRO13-57(CBSZ) 79.2 85.0 0.755 5.80 sericitized-carb schist, 3-10% Py, 10-45% qzv
88.5 91.6 0.822 3.10 sericitized QFP, 1% Py, 5-20% qzv
123.0 124.0 2.190 1.00 sericite-carb schist, 5% Py, 25% qzv
131.0 131.5 1.220 0.50 sericite-carb basalt, 10% Aspy+Py
154.0 155.0 3.455 1.00 sericite-carb schist, 2% Py
167.0 167.4 4.655 0.40 sericitized intermediate tuff, 3% Py blebs+qzv
173.0 173.7 1.715 0.70 carb-sericite intermediate tuff, 4% Py blebs.
227.8 228.3 1.200 0.50 sericitized siltstone, 5% Py
250.0 251.0 0.849 1.00 sericitized QFP dyke, 1% Py, 10-20% qzv
255.0 256.0 5.455 1.00 sericitized QFP dyke, 1% Py, 10-20% qzv
CRO13-58(CBSZ) 29.0 29.5 1.020 0.50 sericite-carbonate schist, 1% Py
32.1 36.0 0.635 3.90 sericite-carbonate-Fu schist, 3% Py, 5-10% qzv
51.8 52.85 2.310 1.05 variolitic basalt, fuchsite altered, 4% Py, 45% qzv
57.75 61.0 0.784 3.25 carbonatized sediment, 3-5% Py, 10-20% qzv
111.0 112.3 2.268 1.30 qtz vein 50° TCA with 1% Py
139.9 141.25 1.619 1.35 sericite-carbonate schist, 4% Py
CRO13-60(FFS Zone) 67.0 68.0 0.581 1.00 qtz veined basalt, 5% Py
CRO13-61(FFS Zone) 25.2 26.0 2.770 0.80 foliated porphyritic gabbro, 5% Fu, 25% Ak, 3% Py
CRO13-62(FFS Zone) 27.8 29.4 0.569 1.60 porphyritic, Fu gabbro + qtz-calcite vein, 2% Py
38.0 38.55 5.570 0.55 qtz-Fu vein, 3% Py


Prior to 2013, exploration of the Croteau Est property was focused on the early discovery of the CBSZ, a promising body of gold mineralization. In 2013, the Company expanded its attention to the mineral potential in other parts of the Croteau Est property. A number of programs were initiated, with much of the associated data and reports received during the third quarter of 2013.

Results from the 2013 exploration program clearly demonstrate that a number of viable, highly prospective exploration targets exist on the property. These targets will be prioritized and exploration plans developed to evaluate those that are considered the highest priority. Programs, products and key observations contributing to defining these targets include:

  • Prospecting and bedrock mapping program:
    • Developing an updated and significantly improved property-scale bedrock geology and structural geology map, comprised of 2,092 site observations made from the 2012 and 2013 prospecting programs, the RC bedrock chip data, 290 line-km of in-house geological mapping, integration of published regional and assessment file bedrock maps and geophysical interpretations;
    • Defining proximal and distal alteration assemblages from oxide data derived from 156 bedrock samples collected during the 2013 RC drilling program, combined with oxide data from bedrock chips recovered from the RC drilling; and
    • Defining mineral targets from geochemical data derived from bedrock samples collected during the 2013 prospecting program.
  • Reverse Circulation (RC) program- 141 holes completed, 635 overburden and 140 bedrock "chip" samples collected:
    • Understanding of the overburden thickness and underlying bedrock topography greatly enhanced the Company's knowledge of the property scale glacial geology and the application of exploration techniques associated with overburden materials;
    • Development of mineral (gold + copper) exploration targets from overburden geochemistry and heavy mineral data; and
    • Developing a far more comprehensive understanding of the bedrock geology from lithology determinations, petrographic work and geochemistry of recovered bedrock chips.
  • From the merged airborne geophysical data sets, three geophysicists independently defined:
    • Litho-structural interpretation identified a series of gold exploration targets identified by areas of structural complexity which include;
      • F2 fold hinges in the western and eastern contacts of the interpreted magnetic gabbro sequence;
      • Northwest-trending bends in east-west D2 shear zones and north-northeast-trending bends in northeast-trending D2 shear zones, and;
      • Intersections of D2 shear zones including intersections of major shear zones and shear zones that have historic gold and basemetal occurrences.
    • Produced property-scale structural interpretations; and
    • Identified areas of mineralization potential.
    • Production of bedrock geology maps from two of these geophysicists, with one of these maps using bedrock geology information produced from Northern Superior's field exploration programs.
  • Trenching programs were completed over an east-west portion of Faribault Fault and a new showing (Grobo) where a grab sample had returned assays of 21.7 g/t gold and 2.55 g/t silver:
    • Pursuit of significant mineralization along east-west sections of the Faribault Fault probably not worthwhile. Future exploration should focus on areas where the east-west fabric of the fault is cross-cut by secondary northeast to southwest faults such as occurs at the Asselin and Masson showings;
    • Exposure of a northern limb of a fold exposed at the Grobo Showing likely represents a small-scale manifestation of larger folds observed elsewhere on the property in geophysical interpretations. As seen at the Grobo Showing, the brittle infill of fractures with quartz-carbonate-albite-tourmaline ± pyrite associated with folding provides an indicator for the potential for gold mineralization associated with folding processes elsewhere on the property.

Dr. T.F. Morris, President and CEO states: "We are very pleased with the progress made in terms of understanding the mineral potential of this property over the 2013 exploration season. Our efforts to date have only solidified our very strong belief in the excellent potential this property has for gold mineralization, and perhaps copper as well. With the Company being as well financed as it is (approximately $5.5 million), and with the exceptionally easy and inexpensive access to explore this property, we look forward to further advancing our understanding of this Property's mineral potential through 2014."

The Company's Qualified Person ("QP") for the Croteau Est gold property is Ron Avery, P.Geo. As the QP, Mr. Avery has prepared or supervised the preparation of the scientific and technical information for this program and has verified the data disclosed in this press release. The Company has a rigorous QA/QC program in place to ensure best practices in sampling and analysis of drill core are maintained. All drill core is marked for sampling and then split in half by means of a rock saw equipped with a diamond saw blade. Samples are placed in sealed bags with security tags. All samples were assayed using a standard fire assay, using a nominal 30 gram nominal aliquot weight with an AA finish. High-gold samples were re-analyzed by fire assay with a gravimetric finish. Third party, commercially prepared standards, blanks and duplicates are inserted into the sample sequence at the rate of one in every fifteen samples. ALS Canada Ltd. performed the primary assaying with duplicates analyzed at AGAT Laboratories in Sudbury. ALS Canada Ltd. and AGAT Laboratories implement independent QA/QC protocols that include the insertion of certified blanks and standards as part of their routine analysis.

About Northern Superior Resources Inc.

Northern Superior is a well-funded junior exploration company exploring for gold in the Superior Province of the Canadian Shield. The Company is currently focused on exploring its Croteau Est/ Waconichi gold properties in Quebec. The Company has a number of 100% owned properties (see Company web site, in the Stull-Wunnumin and Chibougamau gold districts. These include the highly prospective TPK property in north-central Ontario.

Northern Superior is a reporting issuer in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, and trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol SUP.

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