Northern Superior Resources Inc.

Northern Superior Resources Inc.

March 01, 2012 08:30 ET

Northern Superior Resources Reports Results From Gold-Bearing Shear Zones (Including 12.76 g/t Gold Over 8.75 m and 12.74 g/t Gold Over 5.85 m) From 2011 Drill Program, Croteau Est Property, QC

SUDBURY, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 1, 2012) - Northern Superior Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:SUP) ("Northern Superior" or the "Company") is pleased to announce gold assay results from its eight hole, early exploration diamond drill program, on the Company's Croteau Est gold property, west-central Quebec. Although hole CR011-05 returned the most exciting assay results (12.74 g/t gold over 5.85 m: 170.15 - 176 m; 12.76 g/t gold over 8.75 m: 181.75 - 190.5 m; and 3.05 g/t gold over 3.0 m: 240.7 - 243.7 m) holes CR011-01, 06 and 08 also returned significant intersections (Table 1). That being stated, all eight holes returned anomalous gold assay values from the alteration and deformation corridor (Table 2).

Hole No From_m To_m Gold g/t Length_m
CRO11_01 41.1 45.5 3.68 4.40
Includes 44.6 45.5 12.16 0.90
CRO11_05 170.15 176 12.74 5.85
Includes 173.6 175.5 37.81 1.90
CRO11_05 181.75 190.5 12.76 8.75
includes 183.5 186 19.51 4.25
CRO11_05 240.7 243.7 3.05 3.00
CRO11_06 15.55 18 9.62 2.45
CRO11_06 28 34 4.58 6.00
Includes 28 29 23.4 1.00
CRO11_06 48.3 48.8 7.8 0.50
CRO11_06 129 130 9.64 1.00
CRO11_08 25 35 2.11 10.00
Includes 25 26.5 10.95 1.50
CRO11_08 154.55 155.2 8.16 0.65

Table 1. Gold-bearing intersection highlights from holes CR011-01, 05, 06 and 08.

Northern Superior's 2011 fall drill program consisted of eight drill holes totaling 2,316 m. These holes focused on and within the area of Trenches 01 through 04 where the Company previously reported two channel assay results from Trench 01 (3.23 g/t gold over 12.3 m; 2.11 g/t gold over 11.0 m - combined weighted average 1.93 g/t gold over 33.8 m) (see press release September 21, 2011) and from Trench 03 (92.57 g/t gold over 1.0 m or 12.8 g/t gold over 7.8 m) where visible gold was reported (see press release October 12, 2011). Specifically, this first phase drill program focused on Trench-01.

Dr. T.F. Morris, President and CEO of Northern Superior, states: "The assay results from these eight drill holes coupled with those reported from Trenches 1 through 4 previously, affirms our belief that the Croteau Est gold property indeed has the potential to host a large gold-bearing system. It is important to remember that despite the success of the 2011 fall diamond drill program, we are still only beginning to understand the geology and its association to the gold discovered so far on what is a very small part of the property. We are confident that our 2012 exploration program, which includes Northern Superior's current diamond drill program (21 holes, 5,500 m- to be completed second quarter 2012), additional ground geophysics, bedrock and overburden mapping, mobile metal ion (MMI) survey, soil gas survey, and glacial sediment sampling programs will not only greatly further our understanding of the relationship between geology and distribution of associated gold observed thus far but will also broaden our understanding of the gold potential over the rest of this large property."

Diamond drill holes CRO11-1,2,3 and 5 tested an area approximately 50 metres below and east of Trench-01. Holes 1, 2 and 5 were drilled northward across the southerly dipping east plunging structures mapped in the trenches while hole 3 was drilled southward to test the northerly dipping set of vein structures identified in the Trench 01 and observed in all trenches. Hole CRO11-04 was a reconnaissance hole to the north to test an area for parallel alteration zone / structures and covered with thicker overburden. Holes CRO11-06 to 08 were drilled 50m to the west of Trench-01 to follow-up on the reported visible gold in hole CRO11-05 (hole CRO11-07 was abandoned at 27 metres, for distribution of drill holes see Figure 1, press release December 19, 2011). Note, diamond drilling in the fall of 2011 did not test Trench-03 where visible gold and associated assay of 92.57 g/t gold over 1.0m or 12.8 g/t gold over 7.8 m were previously reported.

One final note regarding the visible gold in hole CR011-05, where regular 30g aliquot Gravimetric Fire Assay results returned values up to 200 g/t gold (over 0.5 m) from the mineralized zone where visible gold was identified. Regarding assays using total gold Metallic Screen analysis on 500g aliquots over these intervals returned values up to 100g/t gold however the calculated weighted averages over the same mineralized zones did not show significant differences.

Croteau 2011-2012 DDH Program-Gold Intersection Highlights
Hole No From_m To_m Au g/t Length_m Host rock
CRO11_01 19.9 21.9 1.84 2.00 Basalt Bx, sericitized with 5% Py
CRO11_01 28.7 31 0.82 2.30 QZV with pyritized margin (2% Py)
CRO11_01 41.1 45.5 3.68 4.40 QZV with trace Py
Includes 44.6 45.5 12.16 0.90
CRO11_01 75.5 77.5 1.02 2.00 Sericite carbonate schist, tr Py
CRO11_02 44.75 48.13 1.13 3.38 Carbonate silicified schist with QZV, 3% Py
CRO11_02 61.75 73.25 0.88 11.50 QZV with carbonte sericite schist margins containing 3% Py
CRO11_02 90.3 98.3 1.39 8.01 QZV with carbonte sericite schist margins containing 3% Py
CRO11_02 134 139 0.59 5.00 QFP dyke injected by 10% QZV, 3-4% Py
CRO11_03 135 140 0.98 5.00 Silicified & carbonated schist with 10-50% QZV, 2-5% Py
CRO11_03 173 177.5 1.16 4.50 Sericite schist+QZV, 3% AsPy+Py
CRO11_03 193.75 204 0.85 10.25 Silicified carbonate schist, 2-5% Py
CRO11_03 208.85 214.75 1.07 5.90 Silicified carbonate schist, 5% Py
CRO11_04 78 80.4 0.89 2.40 QFP dyke, 25% QZV, 2% Py
CRO11_05 170.15 176 12.74 5.85 QZV with V.G. in silicified carbonate schist, 4-6% Py
Includes 173.6 175.5 37.81 1.90
CRO11_05 181.75 190.5 12.76 8.75 milky white QZV containing VG + Cpy blebs in highly altered intermediate porphyry dyke
includes 181.75 186 19.51 4.25
CRO11_05 240.7 243.7 3.05 3.00 QZV with VG in Akaretized basalt 1% Py
CRO11_06 15.55 18 9.62 2.45 Carbonate sericite schist, 3% Py
CRO11_06 28 34 4.58 6.00 QFP dyke with QZV (VG)
Includes 28 29 23.4 1.00
CRO11_06 48.3 48.8 7.8 0.50 Carbonate sericite schist, 2% Py, 40% QZV
CRO11_06 61.75 64.5 1.6 2.75 Carbonate sericite schist, 5% Py
CRO11_06 71 85.5 1.06 14.50 Carbonate sericite schist + QFP dyke 3-6% Py
CRO11_06 117.25 119.05 1.23 1.80 QFP dyke with 10% QZV, 1% Py
CRO11_06 129 130 9.64 1.00 Sericitized tuff, 2% Py
CRO11_06 143.3 144 2.46 0.70
CRO11_07 12.25 14.7 1.18 2.45 Ankerite sericitic schist, 2% Py
CRO11_07 25 27 2.7 2.00 QFP dyke, 1% Py
CRO11_08 25 35 2.11 10.00 QFP dyke injected by QZV, 2-3% Py
Includes 25 26.5 10.95 1.50
CRO11_08 47 50 1.5 3.00 Carbonated and silicified schist, 4% Py
CRO11_08 84 85.5 1.89 1.50 Carbonated and silicified schist + QZV, 3-8% Py
CRO11_08 94 104.8 1.32 10.80 Carbonated sericite schist with QFP+QZV, 2-5% Py
CRO11_08 107.9 108.6 3.34 0.70
CRO11_08 117 119 2.05 2.00 Carbonated sericite schist with QZV, 2-5% Py
CRO11_08 129 132.4 1.03 3.40 Carbonated sericite schist with QFP + QZV
CRO11_08 154.55 155.2 8.16 0.65 Sericitized tuff, 5% Py

Table 2. Summary of weighted average gold assays for zones encountered in the 2011 diamond drill program. Gold assays in italics are greater than 2.0 g/t gold.

As: Arsenic
Bx: Breccia
CPY: Chalcopyrite
Py: Pyrite
QFP: Quartz feldspar porphyr
QZV: Quartz vein
Tr: Trace
VG: Visible gold

Northern Superior operates the Croteau Est property under an option agreement (see press release, August 23, 2011).

The Company's Qualified Persons ("QP") for the Croteau Est gold property are Donald Boucher, P.Geo., and Michel LeBlanc, P.Geo. As QP's, Mr. Boucher and Mr. LeBlanc have prepared or supervised the preparation of the scientific or technical information for this program and has verified the data disclosed in this press release.

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Northern Superior is a junior exploration company focused on exploring for gold and diamonds in the Superior Province of the Canadian Shield. The Company is actively exploring for gold within two important gold districts: the Stull-Wunnimun in Ontario and the Chibougamau in Quebec. The Company has a number of 100% owned properties (see Company web site: within these districts that were identified and developed from the Company's extensive geoscientific data base and from which additional gold exploration projects are being generated. The Company is currently seeking to option-out a number of these properties. Note, the Company is currently drilling on its 100% owned New Growth and Ti-pa-haa-kaa-ning (TPK - under an option agreement with Rainy River Resources) gold properties in Northwestern Ontario.

Northern Superior is a reporting issuer in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, and trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol SUP.

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