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February 08, 2011 00:01 ET

NoSQL Companies CouchOne and Membase Merge to Form Couchbase, Inc.

Complementary Technologies Combine to Create Most Comprehensive Data Management Solution for Scalable Web and Mobile Applications

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA and OAKLAND, CA--(Marketwire - February 8, 2011) - Membase and CouchOne today announced they have joined forces to create Couchbase, the first and only provider of a comprehensive, end-to-end family of NoSQL database products. The merger yields an unmatched lineup of data management capabilities built with Apache CouchDB document database technology, memcached distributed caching technology and the Membase data flow and cluster management system. The new Couchbase product family, also introduced today, combines these capabilities creating solutions that scale from large clusters down to mobile phones and tablets.

News Highlights

  • CouchOne, founded by CouchDB creator Damien Katz, provides database solutions powered by the Apache CouchDB database project. Known for its ease of use and reliability, CouchDB is the most widely deployed open source document database. As an open source project, it enjoys a vibrant development community and more than ten million desktop deployments worldwide, as well as large-scale implementations at the BBC, Apple, and CERN.

  • Membase, the company behind Membase open source technology, provides a distributed key-value database with integrated memcached caching technology. Membase enables dynamic cluster elasticity and sustained low-latency, high-throughput data operations. Its core technology powers 18 of the top 20 largest websites; and few web applications now enter production without it. Organizations including Zynga, AOL and ShareThis use Membase to dramatically lower data management costs while improving the scalability and performance of their demanding interactive web applications.

  • With the merger of CouchOne and Membase, and the resulting combination of CouchDB, memcached and Membase technologies, Couchbase becomes the safest and most durable document database, with a recovery-oriented architecture that offers unprecedented reliability and availability for data, whether stored on a single server or spread across hundreds. Couchbase technologies represent the most comprehensive data management solution for building scalable web and mobile applications, with indexing, flexible querying and ease of use that developers love; and elastic clustering, robust storage management and consistently high performance relied on by system administrators and operators.

  • The Couchbase product family, scheduled for release over the coming months, includes offerings optimized for the data center, desktop and mobile device. In addition to a consistent developer API across products, the Couchbase family will feature automatic end-to-end synchronization -- supporting cross-datacenter replication and mobile-to-cloud database synchronization. The Couchbase family will include:

    • Elastic Couchbase [Membase Server]: Membase Server, to be renamed Elastic Couchbase in a forthcoming release, will combine Membase, memcached and CouchDB technology to provide high-performance caching, elastic clustering and document database features. It can effortlessly scale from a single server to a hundred-node cluster supporting an application with millions of concurrent users.
    • Couchbase: A lightweight, non-clustered Couchbase edition appropriate for developers and smaller Couchbase production deployments.
    • Mobile Couchbase: Initially focused on the iOS platform, Mobile Couchbase is a database embeddable into native iOS applications. Mobile Couchbase provides data management services to applications whether offline or online, and can be configured to automatically synchronize with other Couchbase instances when network connectivity is established.
    • Hosted Couchbase: Hosted Couchbase is a quick and easy way to get started with Couchbase, and provides a ready-made cloud sync point for applications built using Mobile Couchbase.

  • Membase CEO Bob Wiederhold becomes CEO of the combined company, with CouchOne CEO Damien Katz serving as Couchbase CTO. Couchbase headquarters is in Mountain View, Calif., with sales and development offices worldwide. The merged company will serve the mission-critical demands of developers and operations teams with proven, production-ready software backed by world-class support and services.

Supporting Quotes

  • "The merger of CouchOne and Membase creates a new powerhouse in NoSQL database technology. The union of our technologies is extremely exciting because it amplifies our respective strengths and fills our gaps. Further, the combined technical team, which will be led by Damien Katz, is nothing short of a NoSQL dream team, and positions us to more rapidly innovate, harden and deliver high-quality data management solutions that will accelerate our customers' success." -- Bob Wiederhold, CEO, Membase 

  • "To me, the most exciting thing about the Couchbase merger is that we are able to more quickly give users of both technologies the features they've been clamoring for. CouchDB users will acquire the high performance, high scale, simple-fast-elastic capabilities of Membase, while Membase users will acquire CouchDB's indexing features (map/reduce view, Lucene, R-Tree GeoCouch), replication, reliability and a clear path to mobile integration. This is clearly a win-win-win for us and for our customers and users." -- Damien Katz, co-founder and CEO of CouchOne and creator of CouchDB 

  • "I've long held that the consolidation of NoSQL vendors was just a matter of time. I'm not surprised that the emerging winner in this process is Membase. We evaluated the gamut of NoSQL database offerings before ultimately selecting Membase at Zynga, but CouchDB was one of our finalists. At that point we wished we could have combined the best of these systems, and that is exactly what is going to happen now. We're delighted with this merger." -- Cadir Lee, CTO, Zynga

  • "Membase and CouchOne were already two of the leading NoSQL database providers, and the combination of Membase's high performance clustering and caching technology with CouchDB's document data model appears to be a good fit. The two companies are also complementary in terms of their approach to developers and operational adoption, and Couchbase should be able to hit the ground running with their combined technologies, teams and development plans." -- Matt Aslett, Senior Analyst, The 451 Group

  • "If you can live without joins, document data models make a lot of sense. For most of human history, the principal models for storing information have been document-oriented; today, many developers think in terms of objects, documents, or both. The Couchbase plan for a document-model DBMS is very interesting, especially in the variety of its scaling and replication capabilities." -- Curt Monash, President of Monash Research and Editor of DBMS 2

  • "It has been a pleasure working with the team at Membase, both in my role as company advisor and in engagements between Cloudera and Membase. Bringing CouchOne and Membase together is a combination of technologies and companies that just makes sense. I definitely support this move and I'm looking forward to working closely with the combined team." -- Mike Olson, CEO, Cloudera

  • "Modern cloud applications require a robust and elastic database solution. The elasticity of Membase married to the robust document data model of CouchDB is a perfect match for these applications. The Couchbase merger strengthens our relationship with the company and enhances the value of the solutions we provide to our shared customers." -- Marten Mickos, CEO, Eucalyptus Systems

  •  "We have a multi-faceted relationship with CouchOne -- both using and distributing their CouchDB technologies through our popular personal cloud service Ubuntu One. The merger of CouchOne and Membase creates a stronger business partner with increased market presence and capacity for accelerated innovation. We applaud the combination and look forward to working with Couchbase." -- Cristian Parrino, Director of Online Services, Canonical

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Additional Customer and Partner Supporting Quotes

  • "When NHN founded the Membase open source project with NorthScale and Zynga, we had an aggressive vision for its development. The merger of Membase with CouchOne accelerates the realization of that vision by well over a year, and creates what is unquestionably the '800 pound gorilla' in the NoSQL database market." -- Chang Song, Director, NHN Center for Innovation

  • "Elastic data management technologies are an important ingredient in scalable cloud applications. Membase has been a strong partner and supporter of RightScale, and we expect this combination to further strengthen our relationship. Ultimately, our joint customers are the beneficiaries of the enhanced capabilities and power of Membase available in the RightScale cloud management platform." -- Josh Fraser, Vice President of Business Development, RightScale

  • "The developer productivity benefits Membase gains from CouchOne technologies will be invaluable in helping to accelerate our time to market with new features for our users. The combination of Membase and CouchOne, in our mind, creates a company and solution so far in front of competing technologies that it is hard to see how one could bet against them." -- Nanda Kishore, CTO, ShareThis

  • "CouchOne + Membase = awesome news. Made my week. Simplified my life at just the right time -- we can finally take our key infrastructure into the cloud with technology that matches our needs. I'll drink to that!" -- Andrey Abramov, Senior Product Manager, Web Services, Sling Media

  • "We selected Membase, in part, because it was drop-in compatible with memcached. With no change to our running applications, Membase provided a highly-available, easy-to-manage distributed solution. While we are using it primarily for caching today, we have big plans to implement indexed search and storage solutions, so we are very excited about the merger with CouchOne" -- Jason Sirota, Director of Application Architecture, The Knot

  • "One of the things we love most about Membase is its simplicity. Without the need for a dedicated system administrator, we are able to effortlessly scale our data layer both vertically and horizontally. Adding the querying and indexing capabilities of CouchDB gives us a streamlined data mining solution on top of this elastic storage. We can't wait to see how the merged companies will pioneer new ways for online games to manage their data." -- Shawn Chiao, Co-founder, Tribal Crossing

  • "Loggly has become the leading Logging as a Service platform and Membase is a key ingredient in our technology stack. We've been hungry for real-time aggregation and analysis support within Membase and the merger with CouchOne promises to accelerate the delivery of those key features. This is a big deal for us. We're excited to see two of the most compelling data management technologies come together into a platform upon which we will be able to build more value for our users, more quickly." -- Kord Campbell, Founder and CEO, Loggly

  • "Membase provides unmatched scalability and reliability -- both critical to NaviNet's business as the largest real-time health care communication network in the United States. Membase is rock solid in the face of our accelerating growth. Adding the developer-friendly, document-oriented operations of CouchDB to Membase further distances Membase from the pack of NoSQL database contenders." -- Paul Vienneau, CTO and VP of Engineering, NaviNet

  • "We at Signal (formerly Interactive Mediums) think that CouchOne joining forces with Membase makes incredible sense. We migrated several of our largest data sets to CouchDB from MySQL and loved how CouchDB addressed the performance issues we were facing. It's easy for us to imagine how we would utilize Membase's scaling and clustering capabilities. And the business advantages of the two firms together really gives NoSQL a big shot of legitimacy." -- John P. Wood, Lead Engineer, Signal

  • "I'm a huge CouchDB fan -- the geospatial indexing has enabled groundbreaking work in the world of open government apps. CouchOne joined with Membase will reshape how we view and use big data to make software more useful." -- Max Ogden, Code for America Fellow, and Creator of PDX API

  • "Mu Dynamics has completely embraced CouchDB for both our cloud offerings as well as the Studio test suite. CouchDB lets us innovate at a tremendous pace as it puts the data in our hands in a transparent way. We think combining Membase and memcached with CouchOne is particularly exciting and we are looking forward to their integrated offerings." -- Kowsik Guruswamy, Founder and CTO, Mu Dynamics

  • "Keeping data available and persistent in an occasionally connected, often offline, world is tough. We were thrilled when the team at CouchDB started tackling mobile data storage. Now with CouchOne combined with Membase we know that data persistence and availability problems are going to be solved right." -- Brian LeRoux, Chief Software Architect, Nitobi -- creators of PhoneGap

About Couchbase
Couchbase is the name of the new NoSQL database company and product family created through the merger of CouchOne and Membase. Couchbase technologies represent the most comprehensive data management solution for building scalable web and mobile applications, with indexing, flexible querying and ease of use that developers love; and elastic clustering, robust storage management and consistently high performance relied on by system administrators and operators. Couchbase is a privately held company funded by Accel Partners, Mayfield Fund, North Bridge Venture Partners and Redpoint Ventures.

About Membase
Membase, Inc., (formerly NorthScale) is the company behind Membase, the simple, fast, elastic NoSQL database technology. The company provides products and services that enable customers to dramatically lower costs while simultaneously improving the scalability and performance of their interactive web applications. Membase is behind some of the world's busiest web applications, including popular social games by Zynga, played by millions of users daily. It provides a shared data management platform for NHN, Korea's largest web application operator with nearly 70 million unique users. Membase is also available through cloud service providers such as Heroku and RightScale, supporting thousands of applications of all sizes. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., Membase is a privately held company funded by Accel Partners, Mayfield Fund and North Bridge Venture Partners.

About CouchOne
CouchOne is the company founded by the creator of the world's most deployed open-source document database, Apache CouchDB. CouchOne offers a lightweight application platform that simplifies the creation of shared web applications and easily synchronizes data across mobile, desktop and cloud platforms. CouchOne provides support, development toolkits, training and hosting for everything CouchDB. CouchDB's schema-free document model is perfect for web applications. Its built-in JavaScript-based map/reduce-indexing engine is a powerful way to analyze and query data. CouchDB has unmatched peer-based replication capabilities, allowing full queries, updates and additions, even while disconnected from the network. CouchOne has received venture funding from Redpoint Ventures.

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