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John Chaffee

September 10, 2010 15:05 ET

Not Left? Not Right? Not Satisfied? You're Not Alone! Singer, Songwriter and Entrepreneur John Chaffee's Independent Lion Website Gives Voice to the 32.8 Percent of Americans Who Have Had It With the Ongoing D.C. Follies

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwire - September 10, 2010) -  Still fed up with the state of American politics and the overspending, underachieving gridlock happening in Washington, D.C., singer-songwriter and entrepreneur John Chaffee is roaring louder than ever.

Fresh off his win for "Best Country Song" at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA) for the biting and satirical "Play By The Rules" ( -- whose video, featuring Chaffee dressed as Uncle Sam, has been viewed close to 30,000 times on YouTube -- he's launching to help disenchanted Americans express their feelings.

The Independent Lion website will sell T-shirts featuring a trademarked red, white and blue lion (styled like the Democratic Donkey and Republican Elephant) underscored by a memorable catchphrase that sums up what millions are thinking as we approach the 2010 midterm elections: "Not Left. Not Right. Not Satisfied."

The site's home page includes the Independent Lion's mission statement: "There's a growing segment of the population dissatisfied with the way things are going in Washington, our state capitals, and our city governments. It appears that neither party, Republican or Democrat, has the wherewithal to solve our problems, let alone the nerve to even address the more important ones. The elephant and the donkey just face off and butt heads... contentious, incapable, all their energies spent on a never-ending struggle with each other. 

Emerging from the plains and towns across our country is a new symbol, the mighty King of the Beasts, to speak for those who have no voice. We encourage Independent Lions to roam through a land of no red states, no blue states, but a United States, where respect for the Constitution, and each other, rules. And where good old fashioned common sense, which would dictate limited government, living within our means, and playing by the rules, ROARS."

The Cleveland-based Chaffee, who worked for several decades in radio and TV before emerging as an independent singer-songwriter, has made speaking appearances as "Uncle Sam," the character he plays in the provocative video for "Play By The Rules."

In addition to the upcoming release of the video on DVD, Chaffee is currently putting the finishing touches on a 5-song EP featuring "Play By The Rules."

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