Electrolux Home Care Products

Electrolux Home Care Products

September 07, 2007 12:00 ET


South African electric ray with vacuum-like prowess becomes Electrolux namesake

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor, Science Editor TORONTO/ONTARIO/NEWS RELEASE--(Marketwire - Sept. 7, 2007) - A fish boasting suction powers rivaling a household vacuum has been formally named to reflect its ability to suck dirt and food from the ocean floor. Electrolux Addisoni, an electric ray that boasts vigorous sucking powers and uses self-generated electricity, was discovered in the Western Indian Ocean near South Africa in 2003.

"It's nice to see something out there as dedicated to the practice and discipline of cleaning as Electrolux," said Lyndon Madden, Marketing Manager for Electrolux Canada. "We're happy to welcome such a hard-working and industrious little creature to the Electrolux family."

The naming of the electric ray was announced in a paper recently published in the Smithiana Bulletin, a South African scholarly journal on aquatic biodiversity. According to authors Leonard Compagno and Phillip Heemstra, "the [electric ray's] vigorous sucking action … may rival the well-known electrical device used to suck the detritus from carpets, furniture, and other dust-gathering surfaces."

For more information, refer to the study: Compagno, LJV & PC Heemstra (2007) Electrolux Addisoni, a new genus and species of electric ray from the east coast of South Africa (Rajiformes: Torpedinoidei: Narkidae), with a review of torpedinoid taxonomy. Smithian Bulletin 7, 15-49.

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