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July 30, 2009 08:01 ET

Notice of AGM

                                       ALL STAR MINERALS PLC
                                           Notice of AGM
All  Star Minerals plc ("All Star" or "the Company"), the Swedish focused uranium exploration  and
development company, announces that the Company will be holding its Annual General Meeting  on  21
August  2009  and  the following Notice of Annual General Meeting will be posted  to  shareholders

                                 Notice of Annual General Meeting
                                       ALL STAR MINERALS PLC
                                 Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice  is  hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (Meeting) of All Star Minerals  plc  (the
"Company") will be held at Richmond House, Broad Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4AH on 21 August
2009 at 11:00 a.m. to transact the following business:

As Ordinary Business

1       To  receive  and consider the Company's audited accounts for the year ended 30th  November
        2008 and the directors' and auditors' reports thereon.
2       To re-elect Shahrukh Khan, who is retiring by rotation, as a Director of the Company.
3       To re-appoint Price Bailey LLP as auditor and authorise the directors to fix the auditor's

As Special Business

To consider and if thought fit to pass the following Resolutions which will be proposed as Special

Special Resolution

4       That  the  terms of the proposed contract (the "Buyback Contract") to be made between  the
        Company and each of the members holding deferred shares of £0.009 each in the capital of the
        Company ("Deferred Shares") (together the "Transferors"), providing for the transfer to the
        Company of, in aggregate, 63,642,857 Deferred Shares (a copy of which will be available for
        inspection by the members of the Company both:
        4.1     at the Company's registered office for a period of 15 days ending on the date of the
                Annual General Meeting; and
        4.2     at the Annual General Meeting),
        be  approved and that the same be duly executed for and on behalf of the Company, both  in
        its  own  right and for and on behalf of each of the Transferors (in accordance  with  the
        authority  conferred on the Company by article 3 of its Articles of Association)  and  the
        Directors be directed to procure that the Company carries the same into effect.
5       That  pursuant  to  the  Directors' authority to allot shares  under  Section  80  of  the
        Companies Act 1985 (granted by Ordinary Resolution on 19 February 2009) the Directors of the
        Company be and they are hereby empowered to allot equity securities (as defined for the purposes
        of Section 95 of the Companies Act 1985) for cash as if Section 89(1) of the said Act did not
        apply to any such allotment provided that this power shall be limited to the allotment of equity
        securities having:
        5.1     in the case of relevant shares (as defined for the purposes of the said Section 95), a
                nominal amount; or
        5.2     in the case of other equity securities, giving the right to subscribe for or convert into
                relevant shares having a nominal amount,
        not  exceeding in aggregate £150,000 and this power shall expire at the conclusion of  the
        next  Annual General Meeting of the Company after the passing of this resolution save that
        the Company may before such expiry make an offer or agreement which would or might require
        securities  to be allotted after such expiry and the directors may allot equity securities
        in pursuance of such offer or agreement as if the power conferred hereby had not expired.
By order of the Board

Edward Taylor
Company secretary

All Star Minerals plc
Richmond House
Broad Street
Cambridgeshire CB7 4AD

30 July 2009

Notes to the Notice of Annual General Meeting

Appointment of proxies
1       As  a member of the Company you are entitled to appoint a proxy to exercise all or any  of
        your rights to attend, speak and vote at the Meeting and you should have received a proxy form
        with this notice of meeting. You can only appoint a proxy using the procedures set out in these
        notes and the notes to the proxy form.
2       To be valid, the form of proxy and the power of attorney or other authority (if any) under
which it is signed (or a copy of it notorially certified in some other way approved by the
directors) must be deposited at the registered office of the Company, not less than 48 hours
before the time of the meeting. Completion of the proxy form does not preclude a member from
subsequently attending and voting at the meeting in person.
3       Except  as  provided  above, members who have general queries  about  the  Meeting  should
        telephone Edward Taylor on 01366 500722 (no other methods of communication will be accepted).
4       You may not use any electronic address provided either:
        *       in this notice of annual general meeting; or
        *       in any related documents (including the chairman's letter and proxy form),
        to communicate with the Company for any purposes other than those expressly stated.
The Directors of the Issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.


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