Investment West Midlands plc

December 12, 2008 12:27 ET

Notice of EGM and Acquisition Update


                                   INVESTMENTS WEST MIDLANDS PLC ("IWM")

                                   Notice of EGM and Acquisition Update

It has come to the attention of the Directors of IWM that there was an error in the circular letter to
shareholders dated 10 December 2008, as it stated that a letter from the shareholders who had requisitioned
the Extraordinary General Meeting referred to in that letter had sent a letter directly to shareholders
notifying them of the requisition and urging shareholders to vote in favour of the resolutions proposed by

This statement was included as a result of a misunderstanding and the letter from the requisitionists had
not been sent directly to shareholders but was intended to accompany the notice convening the Extraordinary
General Meeting.

A  letter is being posted to shareholders today which corrects this statement and which is accompanied by a
copy of the letter from the requisitionists.

The directors accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.


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