Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

October 31, 2005 14:00 ET

Notice to Industry

ON-FARM BIOSECURITY: KEY AVIAN INFLUENZA PROTECTION Attention: Agriculture Editor OTTAWA/ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 31, 2005) - In light of recent results coming from a national survey of the presence of AI in wild birds, increased attention has been drawn to the ongoing need to protect domestic poultry from being infected by wild birds.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency ( CFIA ) is reminding Canadian bird owners that strict biosecurity practices can protect their birds from avian influenza.

Biosecurity involves maintaining good hygiene practices. Many animal diseases such as avian influenza are spread directly from bird to bird through secretions and feces, and indirectly through contaminated feed, water and equipment.

To protect their birds, owners should:
* keep birds in closed poultry houses;
* prevent exposure of birds, bird feed and water to wild birds;
* seal bird house attics and cover ventilation openings with screens;
* thoroughly and routinely clean all equipment, cages, vehicles, clothing and footwear before and after coming into contact with birds;
* limit access to poultry houses, and ensure proper hygiene practices for all persons coming into contact with poultry;
* isolate or avoid introducing new birds into existing poultry flocks; and
* ensure that all drinking water for poultry is not surface water, which is most likely to be contaminated with AI.

Avian influenza is characterized by a number of clinical signs. These include:
* lack of energy and appetite;
* drop in production of eggs, many of which are soft-shelled or shell-less;
* swelling of the head, eyelids, comb, wattles, and hocks;
* coughing, sneezing and nervous signs;
* diarrhea;
* sudden death; and
* lack of coordination.

Poultry producers that suspect infection should immediately contact a veterinarian, provincial ministry of agriculture, or a local CFIA office.

For additional information:
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