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August 19, 2005 17:09 ET

Notre Dame Legend "Rudy" Ruettiger and EON Beverage Group, Inc. to Launch "Rudy Flying Colors" Beverage for Kids

Rudy Flying Colors™ to Be Positioned as a Healthy Alternative Beverage to Combat Childhood Obesity and Diabetes

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 19, 2005 -- Pacific Peak Investments (OTC BB: PPKI) announced today that one of its portfolio companies, EON Beverage Group, Inc., in conjunction with Notre Dame legend Rudy Ruettiger, will launch "RUDY FLYING COLORS" beverage. Rudy Flying Colors™ is being targeted to elementary school children due to its proprietary formula of high nutrition and low sugar content.

The announcement on Rudy Flying Colors comes after many politicians, celebrities and various health experts have voiced grave concerns about the increase of obesity and diabetes in America's youth. In a press release dated May 3, 2005, The American Heart Foundation and former President Bill Clinton announced plans "to join forces to create a new generation of healthy Americans by addressing one of the nations's leading public health threats -- childhood obesity." In an article titled "How to Fix School Lunches" in the August 8, 2005 issue of Time, the magazine discussed how "the soda and candy in the vending machines have been replaced by juice and jerky."

Rudy Ruettiger, the inspiration behind the highly successful and inspirational TriStar Pictures movie "Rudy" stated, "While the trend to juice (versus soda) in the vending machines is a step in the right direction in terms of nutrition, it still does not alleviate the high sugar content that is in many cases as high, if not higher, in juices as it is in soda. Rudy Flying Colors' unique formula will address both nutritional needs as well as sugar content. This formula will make Rudy Flying Colors the ultimate healthy beverage for children. I completely agree with Bill Clinton, others in the media and the pediatrics community that we must start taking steps to ensure a healthier diet for our children now! Diabetes and obesity among our children is growing at a truly alarming rate."

Rudy added, "I am hopeful that the mantra 'Flying Colors' will become an inspiration for children all around America. We want kids to pass through life with flying colors, whether it is in academics, sports or their health. I have also spoken about how 'it all starts with a dream' and to 'never quit' and I believe that when it comes to the health of our children, none of us can afford to quit!"

Rudy Flying Colors, which will be produced in multiple flavors, will be available at retail stores starting in the 4th quarter of 2005. In addition to placement in schools, EON Beverage will target mass-market retailers such as Wal-Mart to maximize the accessibility of the beverage to parents looking for a healthy alternative for their children.

Jim Harford, President and CEO of EON Beverage Group, Inc. stated, "This is an incredibly exciting product launch for us, one we envisioned when we signed an agreement with Rudy. He made it clear from day one that nutrition and low sugar content were of the utmost importance in terms of any Rudy beverage. We've been working diligently with a Federal Drug Administration approved laboratory on this proprietary formula and we are very pleased with the results. Rudy has already been talking to various school districts around the country and they are all excited about the potential of a healthy and nutritional beverage."

For more information about Rudy Marketing International, including the Rudy Foundation, please visit

About EON Beverage Group, Inc.

EON Beverage Group, Inc. was founded by Jim Harford, formerly the President of the Seven Up Company. The Bedford, Texas-based company markets bottled water under the brand name "EON." The uniqueness of this product is a new concept called "structured water" whereby the water molecules organize themselves through hydrogen bonding into distinct molecular structures. EON structured water is formed through a proprietary process (patent pending) which alters the molecular structure of purified water. It is a manufactured replication of the natural structures found in all fruits and vegetables as well as new-born infants. This allows the users of EON water to achieve enhanced intra-cellular hydration through significant absorption capability that is crucial for maximum biological activity and improved athletic performance.

In addition, EON Beverage Group, Inc. signed an agreement in July 2005 with Rudy Marketing International to work with Rudy Ruettiger to create a unique line of beverages that take advantage of the desire by consumers of all ages for healthier beverages including lower sugar content. Rudy Ruettiger is best known as the inspiration behind the successful TriStar Pictures movie "Rudy" that detailed his quest to become a student, a football player and a graduate at the University of Notre Dame. For further information about EON Beverage Group, Inc., please visit

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