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May 16, 2005 12:00 ET

Novation Publishes 2005 New Medical Technology Catalog at VHA Leadership Conference

IRVING, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 16, 2005 -- Novation, the supply company of VHA Inc. and the University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC), is highlighting numerous innovative medical products in a "New Medical Technology Catalog," which is available today. To obtain a copy of the catalog, send an email containing contact information to:

The New Medical Technology Catalog was conceived to showcase VHA's and Novation's commitment to ensuring that member health care organizations have access to information about new and potentially innovative FDA- approved health care technology.

All Novation suppliers, approximately 700, were invited to submit applications to highlight their most innovative products. The products had to meet the following criteria to be included in the catalog: 1) available on VHA or Novation contract, 2) FDA-approved (if applicable), 3) available for sale in the U.S. since January 1, 2003, and 4) provide documented incremental patient care, patient safety or health care worker safety benefits.

Some of these suppliers will be exhibiting their products at the 22nd annual VHA Leadership Conference in Atlanta, May 15 - 18. Please reference the attached chart for product details and booth locations at the conference.

The featured products and the companies are as follows:

Company                            Product

3M                                 3M™ East Clean System
3M Medical                         3M™ Tegaderm™ Absorbent Clear
                                    Acrylic Dressing
Abatement Technologies®            HEPA-CARE® Germicidal UV Modules
Arizant Healthcare Inc.            Bair Hugger® Underbody Series
B Braun                            DUPLEX® Drug Delivery System
BD                                 BD Vacutainer® Push Button Blood
                                    Collection Set
                                   BD Integra™ 1 ml Syringe
CardinalHealth                     Alaris® System
CardioQuickSys™                    CardioQuick Patch™ System
Carrington                         MicroKlenz™ Antimicrobial Gel
Case Medical, Inc.                 SteriTite Container with FlashTite Valve
                                    and MediTray Products
ConMed™                            IM3300 Camera System
Convatec                           Flex-Seal® Fecal Management System
 A Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
GE Healthcare                      Signa EXCITE HD
Grainger                           Environmental Containment Unit - ECU
                                    AnteRoom and ECU Ceiling Cavity
Guidant Corporation                RX ACCULINK Carotid Stent System
                                   RX ACCUNET™
Healthpoint®                       ACCUZYME® (Papain, Urea) Spray
                                   PANAFIL® (Papain, Urea, Chlorophyllin
                                    Cooper Complex Sodium) Spray
Hitachi                            Altaire® High-Field Performance MR
Hospira                            Plum A+® Infusion System with Hospira
                                    MedNet™ Software
KCI®                               V.A.C.® Abdominal Dressing System
 The Clinical Advantage®           V.A.C Instill® System
Medi-Flex, Inc.®                   ChloraPrep 10.5 (260700)
Medrad®                            Continuum MR Compatible Infusion
Medwave                            Vasotrac® DS APM205A
Oncura                             SeedNet Gold System (IceRod™ Needles)
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics         ORTHO ProVue™
 A Johnson-Johnson CompanySystem   VITROS® 5, 1 FS Chemistry System
Relizon®                           EasyID-LAB
Roche Diagnostics                  ACCU-CHEK® Inform System
Smith & Nephew, Inc.               Digital Operating Room
SourceOne Healthcare Technologies  dyseCT™
Spacelabs Medical                  Intesys Clinical Suite (ICS)
 An OSI Systems Company            Ultraview SL 2800 (Model 91387)
Sysmex                             CellaVision DM96
Telehealth Services®               TigrNet™
In November 2002, Novation introduced a special section on its public Web site,, to enable manufacturers to showcase new and potentially innovative products. This section is open to all suppliers and allows them to broadly promote new and/or evolving technologies. The site also provides a forum for VHA and UHC members to dialogue with Novation and participating suppliers. Since its launch date, the technology forum has received 335 submissions for posting on the public site. Additionally, the technology forum has logged 45,000 hits since its launch.

"The New Medical Technology Catalog enables us to raise awareness of exciting technologies we currently offer on contract," says Cathy Denning, MSN, senior director of safety, technology and QA/RA at Novation. "On an ongoing basis, we strive to provide members with more affordable access to new technology. Since August 2002, we have accelerated how we integrate new technology products into our portfolio and signed agreements for 35 innovative products."

About Novation

Based in Irving, Texas, Novation was established in January 1998 through a combination of the supply programs of VHA and UHC, two national health care alliances. Novation serves the purchasing needs of more than 2,500 members and affiliates of VHA and UHC. These organizations used Novation contracts to purchase more than $23 billion in supplies in 2004. For more information, visit

Interview Opportunities at VHA Leadership Conference, May 15 - 18, 2005, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Ga.:

--  Cathy Denning, senior director, safety, technology and QA/RA
--  New Medical Technology Catalog Participants (see attached chart for
    booth locations of exhibiting companies)

Product                                                               Booth

Cardiology                                                            1241

Guidant Corporation
RX ACCULINK™ Carotid Stent System
The RX ACCULINK Carotid Stent System features a self-expanding,
crush-resistant stent constructed of nickel-titanium (nitinol)
on a rapid exchange (RX) platform and is designed for precise
deployment in the carotid artery.
The RX ACCULINK Carotid Stent System is the first carotid stent
system to be approved for use in carotid angioplasty and stenting
procedures by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The RX ACCUNET Embolic Protection System is designed to trap
particles of atherosclerotic plaque that might be dislodged during
the procedure, potentially leading to stroke and other complications.
The RX ACCUNET Embolic Protection System is the first embolic
protection system to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration for use in carotid angioplasty and stenting procedures.

Diagnostic Imaging

GE Healthcare
Signa EXCITE HD                                                       N22,
GE's exclusive HDMR technology provides the ability to image          911
difficult and challenging patients who previously yielded
compromised MR scans.

Altaire® High-Field Performance MR with superconducting magnet        1217
Altaire employs a unique blend of innovating Hitachi features called
VOSI™ technology, optimizing each sub-system's performance in
concert with the other sub-systems. The Hitachi Altaire® MR system
represents a new class of MR systems capable of high-field performance
found on conventional closed MR systems while retaining the benefits
of open gantry design.

Continuum MR Compatible Infusion System                               1037
Continuum provides continuous infusion therapy with time-sensitive
access to MR diagnosis. Continuum is the only MR-compatible
infusion pump, which meets the multiple needs for infusion therapy
in the MR environment.

Healthcare Technologies
dyseCT™                                                               639
dyseCT™ is the only automated solution to the problem of
rationalizing multi-procedure CT studies with RIS orders. Prior to
the advent of dyseCT, the process of rationalizing multi-procedure
CT studies with RIS orders was a time consuming, error prone,
manual process.


3M™ Easy Clean System                                                 325,
The 3M Easy Clean System uses proprietary fibers (3M Easy Trap        327,
Duster System) and microfiber mops (3M Easy Scrub Flat Mop System     N8
and 3M Easy Shine Applicator System). Using specially developed
disposable sheets, the 3M™ Easy Trap Duster System traps and
holds six times more dust, dirt, sand and hair than traditional mops
and other disposable dusting products.

Abatement Technologies
HEPA-CARE® Germicidal UV Modules
HEPA-CARE Germicidal UV Modules are disinfection modules designed to
irradiate and kill dangerous infectious pathogens. HEPA-CARE
Germicidal UV Modules are a new and innovative application of UV
technology that helps facilities safely and efficiently meet the
requirements of the 2003 CDC Guidelines.

Environmental Containment Unit - ECU AnteRoom and ECU Ceiling Cavity  734
While the concept of portable containment is not new, the technology
incorporated into both the ECU AnteRoom and ECU Ceiling Cavity
provides health care organizations with a collapsible, portable
solution. This provides an extremely versatile and cost-effective
clinical tool that protects both patients and staff by removing
droplet nuclei from the air.

Telehealth Services
TigrNet™                                                              1104
TigrNet was designed to meet rising patient expectations for better
connectivity and in-room entertainment options in hospitals. This
state-of-the-art solution offers patients hotel-like amenities in
a hospital setting.


BD Vacutainer® Push Button Blood Collection Set                       435,
Intended for blood collection and short-term infusion, the BD         437
Vacutainer® Push Button collection Set (PBBCS) is the only blood
collection system with push-button technology. The push-button
safety mechanism instantly helps protect users against needlestick
injury. The PBBCS is the first retractable wing set product with
next-generation features, including intuitive, one-handed, in-vein
safety activation.

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
 A Johnson-Johnson Company
ORTHO ProVue™ System
Ortho's ProVue System is the first fully automated blood bank
instrument for the North American market to be based on the ID-MTS
Gel Test. It eliminates labor-intensive, time-consuming processes
while increasing productivity via random access, discrete testing
and continuous throughput.

VITROS® 5, 1 FS Chemistry System
The VITROS 5, 1 FS Chemistry System simplifies the work of the
laboratory. VITROS systems are recognized as the best choice for
today's busy laboratory because they are easy to use, offer the best
value for workflow management and consistently deliver the right
results on a wide range of routine and specialty tests. The system and
test menus are readily accessible to easily address the constantly
changing needs of the health care environment.

EasyID-LAB                                                            1013
EasyID-LAB is designed to help eliminate laboratory errors by
providing point-of-care verification of patient identity via a
handheld computer and scanning device. Using a handheld computer
with a built in scanner, EasyID-LAB first confirms the clinician's
identity. Next, the clinician uses the handheld device to confirm
patient identity by scanning their bar-coded wristband.

Roche Diagnostics
ACCU-CHEK® Inform System                                              738
The ACCU-CHEK Inform System with the Other Test Entry (OTE) feature
allows for documentation of test results (patient and QC) for six
tests whose information has traditionally been recorded in manual logs.
The ACCU-CHEK Inform System, in conjunction with RALS®-Plus software
system, a connectivity solution by Medical Automation Systems,
downloads the data from the meter.

CellaVision DM96                                                      836
The CellaVision DM96, distributed by Sysmex America, Inc., is an
automated digital cell morphology system for the location,
preclassification/characterization, display, storage and transmission
of white and red blood cell images. With the CellaVision DM96, up to
96 stained peripheral blood smears can be loaded at once and processed
at speeds from 30 to 60 per hour.


3M™ Tegaderm™ Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing                        325,
Transparent and absorbent, 3M Tegaderm Absorbent Clear Acrylic        327,
Dressing enables easy monitoring of pressure ulcers, skin tears and   N8
other moderately exuding wounds without changing the dressing. It
offers longer wear time than other leading dressings and may
eliminate unnecessary dressing changes.

BD Integra™ 1 ml Syringe                                              435,
This syringe allows clinicians to decide when to activate the device, 437
either before or after the needle is withdrawn from the patient.
The BD Integra 1 ml Syringe provides enhanced clinical and performance
features that also result in enhanced economic benefit.

Alaris® System                                                        601
The Alaris® System, with its Guardrails® Suite of safety software,
combines drug infusion, patient monitoring and clinical best practice
guidelines into a single modular platform. The Alaris® System, with
its Guardrails® Suite of safety software, is the only safety
technology to combine infusion therapy with patient monitoring on one
platform helping to provide protection for patients throughout the
duration of therapy.

CardioQuick Patch™ System
The CardioQuick Patch, a precordial overlay system for 12-lead EKG
placement, is used for quick and consistent assessment of critical
cardiac situations. Early and accurate acquisition of a 12-lead ECG
can improve diagnosis of AMI, ACS, or ventricular fibrillation and
enabling earlier intervention (i.e. defibrillation), which should
lead to improved survival rates.

MicroKlenz™ Antimicrobial Gel
This antimicrobial gel contains Acemannan Hydogel™ for the care,
treatment and pain relief of dermal wounds. This product is for use
on wounds that exhibit the clinical systems of infection. The
over-the-counter monograph drug, benzethonium chloride, is available
in a gel that provides a balanced hydration state to the healing wound.

 A Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Flex-Seal® Fecal Management System                                    641
The Flex-Seal® Fecal Management System, an advanced alternative to
more traditional diversion and containment, is designed to
dramatically improve fecal incontinence management. Flex-Seal® FMS
contains a soft silicone catheter assembly. The soft catheter is
inserted into the rectum and retained using a low pressure retention
balloon. Flex-Seal diverts and contains fecal waste, protecting the
patient's skin to help prevent risk of skin breakdown and infection
from fecal matter.

Plum A+® Infusion System with Hospira MedNet™ Software                717,
The Plum A+® Infusion System with Hospira MedNet™ Software is         719
designed to meet hospitals' information technology, medication
management and patient safety criteria, thereby providing the
framework for best practice applications to support caregiver
confidence and to optimize patient care within all areas of
the hospital.

 The Clinical Advantage®
V.A.C.® Abdominal Dressing System                                     801
Whether it's abdominal compartment syndrome, a traumatic wound or
another complex abdominal pathology, management of the open abdominal
can be challenging and expensive. V.A.C.® therapy with the V.A.C.®
Abdominal Dressing System can provide surgeons with a clinically
proven and cost-effective solution for management of the open abdomen.

V.A.C Instill® System
The V.A.C. Instill® System automates the manual wound irrigation
process and is the only commercial system that combines V.A.C.®
Therapy with Instillation Therapy™ i.e., the topical administration
of a solution to a wound bed. The V.A.C. Instill® System provides all
the clinical benefits of V.A.C.® therapy and can be used with a range
of topical wound treatment solutions and suspensions.

Vasotrac® DS APM205A
Medwave's Vasotrac is a non-invasive system that provides continual
blood pressure measurements. Using a patented method of measuring
arterial waveforms, the Vasotrac system measures systolic, diastolic
and mean pressures, as well as pulse rate. High Motion Tolerant (HMT)
software filters motion artifact. Blood pressure readings and an
arterial waveform reflect the patient's true condition.

SeedNet Gold System (IceRod™ Needles)                                 105
SeedNet is a new generation in cryotherapy for prostate cancer.
Ultra-thin 17 gauge needles, exclusive to the SeedNet system, produce
iceballs of of extreme sub-zero temperatures that thoroughly destroy
the prostate including all cancerous tissue, while sparing critical
structures such as the urethra.

Spacelabs Medical
 An OSI Systems Company
Intesys Clinical Suite (ICS)                                          1027
Intesys Clinical Suite (ICS) is a Spacelabs monitoring information
system that supplies the patient data caregivers require wherever
and whenever it's needed. Core benefits include more time for patient
care, speed and accuracy of automation, and comprehensive patient
information at the point of care. Unlike other brands, which typically
use multiple databases, Spacelabs' ICS holds information in a single
scalable data repository, which enables a simple, open and reliable

Ultraview SL 2800 (Model 91387)
The SL 2800 offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities and workstation
performance in a single bedside package that includes an 18-inch medical
grade touchscreen color LCD displaying 8 waveforms and up to 24 parameters.
The Ultraview SL 2800 can connect to any standard Citrix server with no
additional hardware or software required.


B Braun
 Sharing Expertise
DUPLEX® Drug Delivery System                                          226
DUPLEX is a two-compartment flexible plastic IV container that uses
breakthrough technology to store both the diluent and the drug powder
separately until the point of use. DUPLEX is a revolutionary new
system designed to simplify intravenous antibiotic delivery to patients,
minimize the potential for medication errors, eliminate the pharmacy
labor component of IV antibiotic delivery and reduce drug waste.

ACCUZYME® (Papain, Urea) Spray                                        736
ACCUZYME Spray is indicated for debridement of necrotic tissue and
liquefaction of slough in acute and chronic lesions such as pressure
ulcers, varicose and diabetic ulcers, burns, postoperative wounds,
pilonidal cyst wounds, carbuncles, and miscellaneous traumatic or
infected wounds. ACCUZYME Spray is the first enzymatic debriding
product in a spray formulation. All other enzymatic debridement
products currently marketed in the U.S. for wound treatment are
provided in ointment form.

PANAFIL® (Papain, Urea, Chlorophyllin Cooper Complex Sodium) Spray
PANAFIL Spray is suggested for treatment of acute and chronic lesions
such as varicose, diabetic and decubitus ulcers; burns; postoperative
wounds; pilonidal cyst wounds, carbuncles and miscellaneous traumatic
or infected wounds. Spray is allied continuously to keep the wound
clean and simultaneously promote normal healing throughout treatment
of enzymatic debridement of necrotic tissue and liquefaction of
fibrinous, purulent debris.
PANAFIL Spray is the first healing, debriding and deodorizing product
in a spray formulation.


Arizant Healthcare Inc.
Bair Hugger® Underbody Series                                         104
The flexible designs of the Bair Hugger Underbody Series enable
health care workers to conveniently warm a patient, while also
maintaining full access to the patient. Blankets are positioned before
the patient arrives to the procedural suite. The design of the Bair
Hugger Underbody Blanks surrounds patients with force-air warming.
Health care workers have the clinical flexibility and full patient
access necessary for cardiac and other complex surgical procedures.

Case Medical, Inc.
SteriTite Container with FlashTite Valve and MediTray Products        205
The Meditray® line of SteriTite® sealed containers provides a
simple-yet-effective system for the sterilization of operating room
instruments. Designed for strength and light in weight, SteriTite
containers are formed from an aircraft-grade anodized aluminum alloy.
Prior to Case Medical's SteriTite product, sterilization container
systems were grand-fathered by the FDA or received pre-market
clearance for pre-vacuum steam only. No other company validated its
full line of products (including inserts) in all current methods of
sterilization in fractional cycles with maximum load, including lumens,
and with layered trays.

IM3300 Camera System
Since 1997, Linvatatec has been known as the leader in Autoclavable
Video Systems. New system features include, a new ergonomically
designed camera head for improved comfort, Shockflex™ Prism Mounting
for durability and Progressive Scan technology for high definition
image quality.

ChloraPrep 10.5 (260700)                                              238
ChloraPrep 10.5 is the first FDA-approved 2% chlorhexidine gluconate/
70% isopropyl alcohol antiseptic. In clinical trials, a one-step
application of ChloraPrep exceeded the FDA's criteria for efficacy.
Many facilities have chosen ChloraPrep as their current antiseptic for
site preparation and care in order to facilitate best practice. The
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend 2%
chlorhexidine gluconate for cutaneous antisepsis of catheter site care
and insertion. ChloraPrep is the only antiseptic skin prep available
in the United States that meets the CDC's guidelines of 2%
chlorhexidine gluconate.

Smith & Nephew, Inc.
Digital Operating Room                                                225
Smith & Nephew's Digital OR is an integrated operating room solution
that utilizes digital and emerging technologies for the benefit of the
patient, surgeon, OR staff and the facility as a whole. The
revolutionary new products within the Digital OR deliver superior
performance and are integrated into a flexible, easy-to-use, customized
surgical solution. The Digital OR is a platform that supports both the
technological and clinical changes that will occur in the future. It is
compatible with new advances such as image-guided surgery, robotics and
progressive scan camera systems, and is designed to keep pace with
changing needs. The Digital OR leverages digital and emerging
technologies, including High Definition and wireless, from the consumer
and commercial industries.

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