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March 13, 2012 08:05 ET

Novocell Semiconductor Introduces SWIFT2Chip -- the Integrated Circuit Industry's First Full Service, Hassle-Free, Drop-In Non-Volatile Memory Delivery Process

HERMITAGE, PA--(Marketwire - Mar 13, 2012) - Novocell Semiconductor, Inc., the producer of the IC industry's most reliable one-time programmable antifuse non-volatile memory, introduces SWIFT2Chip™, a new full service, end-to-end, NVM deliverable process and technology package that includes the patented and uncontested NovoBlox™ SmartBit™ technology, unparalleled documentation support, and an on-call, dedicated account engineer.

Novocell's SWIFT2Chip program delivers the non-volatile memory intellectual property (IP) block as a complete turn-key solution that includes all the necessary read, write, and programming circuitry. Unlike competitive OTP NVM solutions, no external charge pump or additional voltage is required. The IP also features a logic "DONE" signal for programming verification, to ensure completion of the firm's guaranteed-reliable programming cycle. End-to-end support is delivered through immediate access to complete, accurate and timely documentation, a dedicated account engineer, and on-demand design reviews.

Walt Novosel, VP Engineering, noted, "Our customers appreciate our attention to detail in delivering a hassle-free, drop-in IP block that is ready for their use immediately with virtually no modifications or special tweaking required. It's not uncommon for us to hear first-time customers rave about the ease of use and joy our IP is to work with."

SWIFT2Chip has been designed as a full-service program to provide loyal Novocell NVM IP customers with unmatched support and flexibility. By providing the distinctive NovoBlox™ NVM to customers within an end-to-end support structure that provides for integrated assistance with special customer needs, on-call detailed information, design reviews and library files, Novocell is again setting a new standard for service in the same way the NovoBlox SmartBit NVM technology set the standard for 100% nonvolatile memory reliability when it was introduced nearly ten years ago.

Walt Novosel commented, "The most frequent users of our technology -- those companies preparing low power chips for smartphones, image analysis, calibration, trim, and other similar uses -- understand how beneficial having a small footprint NVM technology with 100% reliability will be to their end product. We're pleased to augment our landmark intellectual property with a complete set of support services that makes the entire customer experience of working with Novocell so simple and easy."

About NovoBlox SmartBit Technology

Novocell's patented and uncontested SmartBit technology featuring a unique High Voltage Generator that eliminates the need for a large external charge pump, requires only the standard process I/O to achieve oxide breakdown, and is routinely fabricated within fully standard CMOS processes without need for additional layers, masks, or processing steps. The SmartBit employs a dynamic voltage programming method that senses when hard breakdown has been completed and triggers a DONE signal, providing customers unequalled assurance that the programmed data will be retained for 30 years.

About Novocell Semiconductor, Inc.

Novocell Semiconductor, Inc. specializes in developing and delivering advanced non-volatile memory intellectual property (IP) to the semiconductor industry. Novocell is the only provider of 2nTP, the first multi-time write antifuse memory IP. NovoBlox OTP, 2nTP, and NovoBits are the only antifuse memories proven to have zero tail bit failures within operating ranges and 30 years of data retention. The technology is available and scalable from 350nm to 45nm and beyond. For more information, please visit:

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