Novora BioMedical Corporation

Novora BioMedical Corporation

June 10, 2010 08:00 ET

Novora BioMedical Corporation™ Announces Official Launch

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 10, 2010) - Novora BioMedical Corporation™ ("Novora™ "or the "company") announced their official launch at the May 2010 Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting. Well-known Toronto businessman Dr. Steven Small founded Novora™, to provide oral health professionals the tools and training to integrate the increasing public awareness of the Oral-Systemic Link into dental practices. The company was conceived after an extensive analysis of the impact Oral Infection has on the dental and general health of the public coupled with a realization that the professional dental market needed a compelling approach to integrated diagnosis and treatment. Dental clinics that offer Novora™ are equipped with an array of diagnostic and treatment tools specifically designed to identify and target harmful oral bacteria that cause oral disease and are linked to serious systemic diseases including cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, pregnancy complications and others.

Novora™ combines a range of laboratory diagnostic techniques, ranging from fundamental microbiology to in depth DNA analysis to assist dental health practitioners in diagnosing and tracking their patient's oral bacterial environments. Intuitive, proprietary reports are delivered to practitioner and patient. "One of the greatest challenges dentists face is motivating their patients to understand the importance of a healthy mouth; these reports go beyond the traditional discourse heard in the dental chair and compels patients to become proactive about their oral health." says Dr. Small. Novora's™ world-class pharmaceuticals team has also developed a line of prescription and non-prescription adjunctive rinses that specifically target harmful oral bacteria and restore a balanced oral environment.

About Novora BioMedical Corporation™

Novora™ is a Canadian based biomedical and targeted practice management company for the professional dental industry. The company provides services, products and targeted consulting as they relate to integrating the Oral-Systemic Link into the dental practice. Novora™ is also expanding into research and design of new products and diagnostics as they relate to dental and periodontal treatment.

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