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May 09, 2011 09:48 ET

Now Available From Tuthill Drive Systems: Stalk Hog for John Deere 600 Series Combine and Corn Headers

No More Waiting! John Deere 600 Series Owners Can Now Get Stalk Hog and Extend the Life of Their Tires

BROOKSTON, IN--(Marketwire - May 9, 2011) - Tuthill Drive Systems, a division of Tuthill Corporation and the manufacturer of Mud Hog hydraulic drive axles, has just announced that one of their most popular products, Stalk Hog, is now available for the new John Deere 600 series of combine/corn headers. Stalk Hog, which extends the life of costly tires and saves repeated tire replacements, can now be installed onto John Deere 600 series corn headers.

Stalk Hog minimizes damage caused to tires by knocking down the tough stalks of today's new hybrid corn and other crops to protect tires. Available for most popular corn headers, it is now available for the John Deere 600 series headers.

So customers who have been waiting, can quickly and easily install Stalk Hog onto the crop head of their John Deere 600 combine/corn headers and begin to save money by extending the life of machinery tires.

The Stalk Hog also:

  • Installs quickly and easily;
  • Is built with heavy duty springs, which maintain even and constant downward pressure on the stalks when the combine head is down;
  • Decreases maintenance requirements because of its simple design with no complicated parts to go wrong;
  • And promotes faster decomposition of the stalks because of the way it flattens and spreads out the stalks.

So there's no more waiting... owners of John Deere 600 series corn headers can contact Tuthill Drive Systems now, and save their tires by installing Stalk Hog right away.

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