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June 10, 2009 10:50 ET

Now Available: "Surviving the Cancer System" Offers a Definitive Patient-Empowerment Guide to Conquering Cancer

HUTCHINSON, KS--(Marketwire - June 10, 2009) - Mark Fesen, MD, FACP, a leading oncologist and patient advocate with more than 21 years of experience treating thousands of cancer patients, makes sense of today's complex cancer treatment system in a new must-read book, "Surviving the Cancer System: An Empowering Guide to Taking Control of Your Care."

As health costs continue rising and the number of available treatments grows, the need for patient advocacy and objective advice is more critical than ever. "Surviving the Cancer System" focuses on helping readers navigate an issue that affects millions of Americans every day who must confront both illness as well as a laboriously complicated healthcare system.

As Dr. Yves Pommier of the National Cancer Institute, describes in advanced praise for "Surviving the Cancer System":

"Mark, thank you. Cancer is indeed a systemic disease, and you give us both personal and objective insights into the multiple human, social, economic, and medical aspects of cancer. [This] book meets the challenge of containing a wealth of practical information while being remarkably easy to read. It covers so many aspects of cancers that all of us, patients, family members, physicians, and caregivers, will find it a long-lasting reference. It is an honest and often moving account of cancer patients and of your experiences. I recommend this book to cancer patients, libraries, and health professionals."

Weaving patient anecdotes with practical guidance throughout the book, "Surviving the Cancer System" is an inspiring and definitive step-by-step guide on all aspects of conquering cancer. From overcoming the panic of being diagnosed and developing a good relationship with your oncologist, to maximizing insurance coverage and navigating your way through Medicare, Dr. Fesen provides a complete blueprint for getting the best treatment that modern medicine can provide.

This accessible and comprehensive book helps readers:

--  Choose the right team of doctors and ask the right questions;
--  Understand cancer as both a disease and a business;
--  Develop greater understanding of a cancer diagnosis and what the
    prognosis might be;
--  Evaluate treatment options;
--  Establish proper communication with their oncologists;
--  Prepare mentally and physically to fight the illness;
--  Get the most from their insurance coverage -- and understand what to
    do if they have none.

Written with the passion and informed perspective of a longtime physician, "Surviving the Cancer System" is the singular guide for patients, families, caregivers and anyone else affected by cancer.

"Surviving the Cancer System" is now available at major retailers and on for $18.95.

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About Dr. Mark Fesen

Dr. Mark Fesen, MD, FACP, is a leading oncologist and patient advocate with more than 21 years of experience treating thousands of cancer patients. During his years in practice, Dr. Fesen has witnessed first hand the trials that patients, families and physicians face in receiving the treatment they need. He is the author of the book, "Surviving the Cancer System: An Empowering Guide to Taking Control of Your Care," the only definitive, patient-empowerment guide to helping patients and their caretakers navigate the cancer treatment system. He is also an advocate for changing the way doctors care for their patients.

Dr. Fesen is currently the senior member of the Department of Oncology at the Hutchinson Clinic in Hutchinson, Kansas, and a clinical associate professor at the University of Kansas Medical School. He is a graduate of UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (formerly Rutgers medical school) and a former fellow at the National Cancer Institute. He holds a Masters degree in Molecular Pharmacology and is a Fellow in the American College of Physicians.

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