August 23, 2006 11:08 ET

Now, CBS 3 Is "Always On" Your Cell Phone

Station First in Philadephia to Launch News Video Available to Wireless Devices

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 23, 2006 -- In a new digital media initiative, CBS 3 is now offering viewers news video directly to their cell phones and other wireless devices, President and General Manager Michael Colleran has announced. CBS 3 is one of 16 CBS Television stations nationwide offering the service which includes local news, traffic and weather information.

The CBS Television Stations Digital Media Group has partnered with CBC New Media Group's News Over Wireless and Weathernews Inc, two leading wireless application providers, to extend its "Always On" digital media initiative into the wireless space.

"Our stations' commitment to being 'Always On' has now expanded to reach the local wireless audiences in each of our markets," said Jonathan Leess, President, CBS Television Stations Digital Media Group. "While our CBS Stations have been providing up-to-the-minute news, traffic and weather information to users at home, at work and online, they now have access to this information from virtually anywhere."

"CBS 3 recognizes that a good deal of our audience is not home-bound or even desk-bound a bulk of each day," adds President and General Manager Michael Colleran. "Innovations such as these allow us to better adjust to the viewers' schedules and needs rather than ask them to adjust to ours -- and isn't that what customer service is all about?"

Colleran adds that additional advancements will be forthcoming with the move of CBS 3 and sister station The CW Philly 57 to its new headquarters at 1500 Spring Garden Street early next year. "The new building will incorporate the latest digital technology and produce all local newscasts in high definition, making CBS 3 the most state-of-the-art television operation in the market."

CBC New Media Group's News Over Wireless supports station-branded video and non-video applications for CBS Television Stations Group's mobile efforts. Consumers can purchase the products directly from their cell phones, at each local station's website or via text message for $2.99-$4.99 (depending on their carrier and type of phone), which includes monthly, unlimited access to the application and content. Currently the video-based products are offered through Sprint and the non-video applications have launched on Verizon, with additional carrier roll-outs planned for late this year.

Weathernews Inc. (WNI) will support three different wireless products for CBS Television Stations through its premium video product LiveLocal, Weathernews application and Weathernews Direct text messaging platforms. Consumers can purchase weather and news video directly from their cell phone or at each local station's website for $1.99-$4.99 (depending on their carrier and type of phone), which includes monthly, unlimited access to the application and content. CBS video products using the Weathernews Inc. platforms launched in June on Sprint; basic versions of the application, which do not include local news video content, launched in June on all other major wireless carriers.

A soft launch of the wireless products began in early Spring. Initial reports indicate that subscriber levels have grown significantly month-to-month. CBS Television Station's "Always On" digital media initiative is a nationwide, ambitious project focused on expanding the CBS owned television stations' local, relevant text, graphical and video content to the at-work, at-home, on-demand and 'on the move' consumer, 24 hours a day.

CBS 3 is part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corporation consisting of 39 stations, including 21 CBS, 11 The CW, three MyNetworkTV and four independent stations not affiliated with major networks.

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