Ontario's NDP

Ontario's NDP

September 06, 2007 11:24 ET

NOW OR NEVER: Hampton Plan Will Fight Global Warming

NDP Leader urges voters to reject McGuinty record of inaction, broken promises

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 6, 2007) - NDP Leader Howard Hampton is urging working families to reject Dalton McGuinty's record of inaction and broken promises on the environment.

Calling McGuinty's time as premier "four wasted years of missed opportunities and broken promises," Hampton today invited voters to support his "Now or Never" plan to meet Kyoto and fight global warming. The NDP's practical solutions will make life healthier and more secure for working families by addressing the serious environmental problems that have gotten worse with McGuinty as premier.

"When it comes to fighting global warming, Dalton McGuinty is a peddler of false hope. He's trying to fool today's working families into thinking he's leading the fight. The reality is that Mr. McGuinty has broken his promises and put Ontario on a path that will have serious environmental and economic consequences for our province, for our planet and for our children and grandchildren," Hampton said in a breakfast speech to the Toronto Board of Trade.

"Our plan will help beat global warming by setting aggressive and achievable greenhouse gas emission targets. And we'll take the real action that's needed to meet those targets - starting right away," he said.

The NDP "Now or Never" plan will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to six per cent below 1990 levels over the next four years.

Highlights of the NDP's plan include:

- Closing the Nanticoke coal-fired power plant by 2011, the Lambton coal-fired plant by 2012, with a complete phase-out of coal by 2014;

- Aggressive energy efficiency and conservation programs, including a province-wide plan to retrofit homes, business and industries

- Fast-tracking investments in public transit projects that make the most difference for people and cut greenhouse gas emissions the quickest That includes new investments in light rail and GO Transit, as well as a return to the province covering 50 per cent of transit authorities operating expenses.

The NDP plan will protect the economy. It means helping Ontario's manufacturing sector remain competitive in the global marketplace while working with our industries to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and reduce emissions. It also means greater investment in leading-edge green technologies that will trigger more investment, more jobs and more economic activity in Ontario for the future.

"Taking real action to fight global warming is the smart thing to do for our economy. It will create tens of thousands of good-paying green jobs. It will position our manufacturing sector to create the products that will fuel the green revolution. And it will make Ontario business and industry more efficient and better prepared to face the challenges to come," he said.

One innovative way the NDP plan will help ordinary Ontarians join the fight against global warming is the creation of new Ontario Climate Bonds. The bonds will give working families, pension funds and other investors the chance to make an ethical investment in efforts to fight climate change. The bonds would be guaranteed by the province, and provide a means of funding energy-efficiency and conservation retrofits across the province.

At a time when Ontarians are worried about what the future holds for their children, they need a leader they can count on to tackle climate change, not a double-talker like McGuinty who won't keep his word.

"In the last election, Dalton McGuinty promised to shut down all Ontario's coal-fired plants by 2007 'come hell or high water.' He broke that promise. He promised Ontario would make it three-quarters of the way to reaching our Kyoto targets by 2007. He is nowhere near meeting that target. Then, to help keep his promise to reduce electricity consumption by 10 per cent, he scrapped EnergyStar energy efficiency incentives, which he's now campaigning to restore. Mr. McGuinty's record doesn't demonstrate leadership or inspire confidence," Hampton said.

"On October 10th, a vote for the NDP is a vote against Dalton McGuinty's record of inaction and broken promises on coal and global warming -- and a vote for meeting Kyoto and a clean green future for our children and grandchildren," he said.

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