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April 13, 2016 08:30 ET

Nozohaem Nosebleed Product Introduced at Hemophilia Convention

Unique Medical Device Provides Relief for Bleeding Conditions

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - April 13, 2016) - Pharmacure, a company focused on the development and distribution of medical products to promote better nasal health and comfort, announced its product, Nozohaem, is going to be featured at the Arizona Hemophilia Association National Outreach Von Williebrand convention April 22-24.

"I am ecstatic to have Nozohaem featured at the convention because I know it can help a lot of people and is a solution to treat nosebleeds for people with Von Williebrand's Disease and other bleeding disorders," said Helena Törnell, CEO of Pharmacure.

Nozohaem is an easy and unique treatment option for nosebleeds that stops the bleeding just moments after its application. The easy-to-use gel is completely safe and can be applied in seconds. Now that it is available on, the product will be available to a broader base of customers than ever before and attendees at the show can easily purchase the product.

Kelly Fish, a RN and BSN, has Von Williebrand's Type 2B along with her two sons and recently received Nozohaem. She found the medical device to be effective at treating nosebleeds from the disorder.

She said, "Both of my sons and I have Von Willebrand's Type 2B. My two and a half year old has had six trips to the ER for infusions due to frustrating nosebleeds we can't get stopped. (If you've ever had a toddler, you know how hard it is to apply pressure to stop a nosebleed, not to mention how hard IV sticks are.) My mom found out about a new gel product, Nozohaem, that will help stop a nosebleed, dissolves over time, and doesn't break off the clot. I tried it on my son this last bleed and it worked! This could be life changing for us. If it even saves one trip to the ER, it's totally worth the try." 

Nozohaem has no side effects, meaning anyone who has a nosebleed can use it without having to worry about any medical risks. However, children below the age of seven should have a parent apply the gel for them. Before application, blow your nose to remove any blood inside, and then insert the tube approximately a centimeter into the nostril and press the gel out of the tube slowly. A single tube should be sufficient for an application. Continue to apply until bleeding stops. Gel should remain inside the nose leaving the vessel to heal. Nozohaem is slowly being transported away by the ciliar, so there is no need to blow it out.

"With Nozohaem now more available on the US Market, people do not need to take trips to the ER to stop nose bleeds," Akerman said. "There is nothing more rewarding then helping others be healthy and have relief from medical conditions they have no control over."

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