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January 26, 2016 12:10 ET

NPI Puts Cubic Pharma in Front of Large Retailers

ECRM Event Was Success for NPI Clients

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - January 26, 2016) - The executive team from Nutritional Products International (NPI), a company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of a wide variety of nutritional and wellness products, announced that it was successful in building some important new connections for the United Kingdom Vitamin Manufacturer Cubic Pharmaceutical's product line at the 2016 ECRM Diet, Vitamin & Sports Nutrition conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This particular ECRM trade show gave Cubic Pharmaceuticals an opportunity to connect with some of the most influential retail buyers in the world. NPI's executives report outstanding performance at the event and are confident about the potentials for the company.

Cubic Pharmaceutical products were extremely well received and the majority of the accounts at the show expressed serious interest for the vitamin supplement Cubicole D3 according to NPI executives at the show.

As more people live mostly indoor lifestyles and use sunscreens to protect themselves against the UV rays of the sun, a new health concern has emerged in the form of vitamin D3 deficiency. Cubic Pharmaceuticals is helping individuals dealing with this issue through its Cubicole D3 supplement.

Cubicole D3 is a food supplement to help maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D. There are sources of Vitamin D found in sunlight, fish like salmons and sardines, eggs, fortified spreads, breakfast cereals and powdered milk.

Although common, there are several groups of the population who are at risk of not getting enough Vitamin D. These groups are all pregnant and breastfeeding women, babies and children younger than five, people aged 65 years and older, people who are not exposed to much sun, such as people who cover up their skin when outdoors or those who are housebound or confined indoors for long periods, people who have darker skin such as people of African, African-Caribbean and South Asian origin.

People with a Vitamin D deficiency can get pain in the bones and muscle weakness. Other research shows not enough of the essential vitamin can lead to cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, asthma and cancer.

All Cubic Pharmaceutical supplements are lactose, gluten, gelatin preservative, salt, and yeast free.

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