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May 04, 2005 09:01 ET

ntl to Offer Free Version of Radialpoint's Comprehensive Anti-Virus Service to Internet Customers





MAY 4, 2005 - 09:01 ET

ntl to Offer Free Version of Radialpoint's
Comprehensive Anti-Virus Service to Internet Customers

LONDON, ENGLAND and MONTREAL, CANADA--(CCNMatthews - May 4, 2005) - ntl,
the UK's the leading consumer broadband provider, has chosen
Radialpoint, a supplier of managed services for Internet Service
Providers, to supply premium security services to ntl Internet
customers. ntl will offer free desktop anti-virus to all its customers
under the product name of ntl Netguard.

Updating itself every 3 hours, ntl Netguard Anti-virus will provide
constant protection from 140,000 email-borne and website-based viruses,
along with worms and Trojans, and will automatically clean infected
files. ntl Netguard will also provide a free pop-up blocker, secure form
filler application and a privacy manager. The launch date for these free
services is expected to be in Q3 2005.

ntl plans to expand Netguard to include a comprehensive offering of home
PC security services - including firewall, anti-spyware and parental
control - all available from the same dashboard. These services,
provided and managed by Radialpoint, will enable ntl to provide a
seamless Internet experience for its users. Netguard will be branded and
supported as an ntl product, and offered to all customers via a download
from ntl's portal as well as on installation disks.

John O'Dwyer, ntl's product manager for Internet services, said: "By
selecting Radialpoint's Managed Services platform, ntl can offer its
Internet subscribers a powerful suite of security capabilities that
offer great protection and ease-of-use. Radialpoint offers a very
competitive commercial offer, and a deployment model that allows ntl to
install all elements of the package on a customer's PC in one download,
while only activating the individual services that customers are
authorised to use. This enables us to easily roll out new security
services like firewall and anti-spyware to our customers."

Hamnett Hill, Radialpoint's CEO, said: "ntl is giving its internet
subscribers peace of mind and a better Internet experience by offering
them a free anti-virus service to protect their PCs. Services such as
Netguard enable broadband providers like ntl to build subscriber loyalty
while reducing churn and cutting customer support costs. ntl's customers
benefit from a safer, more secure online experience that ntl can manage
and deliver profitably."

ntl is confident that Netguard will enhance its Internet security
services offering, and improve loyalty amongst its 1.57 million
Broadband and dial-up, Internet subscribers. A safe Internet experience
is of vital importance to all Internet users, especially Broadband users
whose connection is "always on". ntl's research has shown that security
is one of the most requested services by its customers. A comparable
off-the-shelf product would cost customers an estimated pounds sterling
50, and a customer would need to renew this subscription every year in
order to be protected from the most recent viruses.

The launch of Netguard will help reduce the risk of a major virus
outbreak, and the associated support issues that other major outbreaks
like Blaster, MyDoom and Netsky have caused for all ISPs. ntl also
expects Netguard to strengthen its competitive advantage over other ISPs
by offering a great deal to customers.

ntl is making vast strides to improve services for Internet customers,
including anti-spam and anti-virus protection on ntlworld email, the
Broadband Medic self-help diagnostics and trouble-shooting tool, and new
products like ntl's Broadband Plus content package. ntl is the largest
Broadband supplier in the UK with 1.33 million Broadband subscribers.

About Radialpoint

Radialpoint is a leading provider of managed Internet services solutions
for broadband providers. The Radialpoint Managed Service Delivery
Platform enables large and mid-size providers to generate new revenue
and significantly lower operational costs associated with supporting and
bringing new Internet services to market. Its customers include Aliant,
Bell and TELUS in Canada; Adelphia and BellSouth in the US; and ntl, Ono
and Telewest in Europe. Radialpoint is headquartered in Montreal,
Canada, with offices in Europe. For more information, visit

About ntl Incorporated

ntl Incorporated (NASDAQ: NTLI) offers a wide range of communications
and content distribution services to residential and business customers
throughout the UK and Ireland. ntl is the UK's largest cable company
with 3 million residential customers, and the UK's leading supplier of
broadband services to consumers, with over 1.3 million broadband
customers. ntl's network can service 7.9 million homes in the UK.
Information on ntl and its products can be obtained at www.ntl.com


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