September 15, 2011 09:56 ET

Nubag Male Freshening Spray Becomes the Talk of Twitter & Social Media

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - Sep 15, 2011) - Beach Marketing, a South Florida marketing company, has studied and reported Internet trends dating back to 2004. Noting that many industries trend upwards and gain popularity, there are very few that rise out of nowhere to dominate conversation on Twitter and other social media websites. Nubag has defied odds and is quickly becoming a global sensation.

"Nubag. Funny name, serious product," boasts Stugotz, co-host to Dan LeBatard of the Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz, Miami's best sports talk radio show hosted by the star of ESPN2's thriving new program "Dan LeBatard is Highly Questionable." His birth name is Jon Weiner, but South Florida locals know him most as his radio persona, and the popular personality somehow reads various versions of the double-entendre laced advertising campaign for the male freshening product without laughing.

While the idea of spritzing a eucalyptus spray on the male genitalia may be rather bizarre for some, the marketing strategy behind the product is quickly becoming a reason the brand is making waves on social media outlets such as Twitter. From reactions to the radio advertising by the show's fan base from local station 790 The Ticket, to the constant promotions like the "sack of the week," which awards product to the NFL player who records the most monumental sack of a quarterback, the eucalyptus deodorant for the male private area is catching on. Just this week a case of Nubag was sent to the Baltimore Ravens practice facility to the attention of week one winner Terrell Suggs.

"We're happy with the way it's going," stated company spokesman Tim Schmidt. "We started marketing only one week ago, in tandem with the start of the NFL football season, and it's been non-stop banter and sales ever since. To be mentioned so many times on Twitter and make so many people laugh locally with the radio ads, it's been a great start to something we know will not only be special, but more importantly, fun," added Schmidt.

The company has been bombarded with media requests and is among the fastest rising searches online, according to research into metrics and analytics.

From the "sack of the week" contest to the "grab our sack" promotion, the innuendos and indirect references to the male private areas keep Nubag on the tip of people's tongues and trending upwards in social media. Marketing videos appearing in their YouTube channel continue to circulate the web and appear on humor blogs.

We were prompted to ask, "Does Nubag actually work?"

"It's like a binaca for your banana," replied Schmidt. "Eucalyptus has a refreshing, antiseptic effect and has been known for centuries as a pleasant aroma."

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