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July 10, 2008 10:25 ET

Nuclear Solutions CEO, Patrick Herda, Issues Open Letter to Shareholders Outlining Company Vision for the Future

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - July 10, 2008) - Today, the President and CEO of Nuclear Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: NSOL) issued the following letter:

A Clear Vision for Nuclear Solutions, Inc. and Fuel Frontiers, Inc.

Dear Shareholders:

As a follow-up to our recent press release, I would like to comment further regarding our significant and, we believe, well-reasoned decision to focus the company's efforts on the strategically important transportation fuels industry.

This decision was reached by your Board of Directors after careful consideration of the company's coal-to-diesel projects currently in development, as well as its assessment of the critical need for alternative sources of motor fuels in today's marketplace.

Your Board of Directors believes that a compelling business strategy is far more likely to translate into increased share value as the company begins to attract additional talent that can complement the current team. Ultimately, this means adding expertise and realigning roles and responsibilities to best serve shareholder interest. The point of doing this is to capitalize on our business model, with the expectation of increasing business activity and maximizing profits in operations.

The board's objectives in taking these actions, therefore, are straightforward:

--  To become the country's leading innovator for coal-to-ultra-clean
    synthetic fuel.
--  To continue to move forward with, and capitalize upon, our synthetic
    fuel projects in Kentucky and to enter into other transactions with similar
    funding and development benefits.
--  To recruit and hire additional management personnel with substantial
    experience in this niche industry.

Our vision is to help America transform its abundant natural resources into motor fuels that will help our country reduce its dependence on foreign oil while helping to create jobs and enhance prosperity for the communities in which we operate (the jobs created here will not be shipped overseas).

The proposed coal-to-ultra-clean diesel facilities in the state of Kentucky can potentially tap into existing coal reserves to produce an essential fuel that can help our country mitigate the impacts of the spiraling costs in crude oil and help reduce dependence on foreign oil, while creating local jobs that will help families in Kentucky improve their quality of life. This is now our singular focus; I believe that we are well positioned to achieve our goal.

At this time, we are working with Kentucky Fuel Associates, to make our vision in Kentucky a reality. We are pleased with the strong support and enthusiasm of Muhlenberg County officials, the state of Kentucky, and State Representative Brent Yonts of Greenville, Kentucky which resulted in Muhlenberg County designating $625,000.00 from its Coal Severance Allotment Program for the specific purpose of building a coal-to-ultra-clean diesel facility in Muhlenberg County.

With support from Kentucky, our shareholders and partners, Nuclear Solutions, Inc. and Fuel Frontiers, Inc. can help America prove that we, as a country, have the fortitude, drive, determination, ability, and technology to pave the way toward energy independence, while supporting our local economies and creating American jobs.

America is at a challenging crossroads. With oil and energy prices at all-time highs and the economy facing a turbulent and uncertain future, Nuclear Solutions, Inc. and Fuel Frontiers, Inc., along with our partners in Kentucky, are indeed proposing solutions. I have every intention of remaining part of the solution. I invite you to be part of the solution as well.

Patrick Herda
President and CEO
Nuclear Solutions, Inc.

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