November 09, 2015 10:00 ET

Nutcache's Generous Offer to NPOs: A Free Project Management Tool

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Nov. 9, 2015) - The award-winning all-in-one project management provider, Nutcache, announces its latest offering - a free comprehensive project management tool to all non-profit organizations (NPOs).

The Nutcache team has supported various businesses to work faster and smarter with its project management solution that serves these companies in various ways. For now, its latest offering embodies its desire to genuinely share its innovation specifically to the non-profit organizations (NPOs) that need assistance in terms of their campaigns and projects.

Nutcache's new offering is to provide support to the NPOs that need a tool to better manage and organize their campaigns or projects so that they will have more chances of succeeding in their ventures.

Non-profit organizations that want to avail of this free service can follow the following procedures:

1. Contact Nutcache to submit the details of the project.

2. Upon receiving the NPO's project details, Nutcache will send an Enterprise subscription for the entire duration of the project but not to exceed twelve months. The tool will cater to unlimited number of users to maximize its efficiency.

3. Once the Nutcache project management tool subscription has been received, the NPO can log in and start creating and managing its project.

The leading provider of all-in-one collaborative project management app, Nutcache is committed to helping its community by offering an irresistible package of useful campaign management tool to the non-profit sector. This responsible corporate citizen aims to be a part of the success of these NPOs as they strive their way toward the materializing of their ventures. There is no other way to help them better but to provide an all-in-one solution that can assist them with their needs throughout the completion of the whole project and this is all for FREE!

Among the various benefits that Nutcache's free collaboration and project management tool can give are the following:

1. Project management. Organize your project and put everything in place. Nutcache organizes all your project details by creating boards, worked hours sheet, expenses, attachments, and other documents needed. They will all be in one place so users don't need to go anywhere else to work on the project.

2. Project dashboards. The tool gives a quick overview of how the project is going on. It provides graphic indicators and other status reports for easy tracking and monitoring.

3. Collaborative boards. All users, e.g., workers, clients and concerned people can add and share comments to collaborate and work on the tasks better.

4. Organization. Lists and cards are used to keep information about certain tasks and a deadline can be assigned to them. There is no way to miss anything with Nutcache's collaborative and organization features.

5. Keep control and monitor the project. The tool presents a board overview that summarizes all the critical information such as tracking on time spent, deadlines and status.

NPOs are encouraged to take advantage of Nutcache's charitable campaign and see for themselves the various benefits that the tool can provide.

Campaign ends on November 27, 2015.

About Nutcache

Nutcache was launched in 2013 and started its way as a free time tracking and invoicing app that has rapidly gained attention from the market. As of now, its software has developed into a comprehensive collaborative and project management tool geared towards bigger and more challenging projects. Among the awards and quality certificates won by Nutcache are the following: Verified Quality Seal, Expert's Choice Award, Rising Star Award, and the Best Free Trial.

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