Nutri-Lawn Inc.

Nutri-Lawn Inc.

April 23, 2009 15:02 ET

Nutri-Lawn Offers Ecologically Safe Solutions in Response to Provincial Pesticide Ban

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 23, 2009) - The Ontario government has passed provincial legislation this month that will ban the sale and use of 250 commonly used products and 85 pesticide ingredients used for cosmetic lawn care. This comprehensive pesticide ban eliminates most of the chemicals that the do-it-yourself homeowner has used in the past to curb weed growth and control insect infestations. Many homeowners fear that the ban of pesticides will be the end of their green lawns, and the return of dandelions, crab grass, allergies, lawn diseases, and pesky insects.

Established and experienced in the realm of minimizing or eliminating the use of pesticides, Nutri-Lawn offers sound solutions for homeowners who may feel at a loss for solutions to maintain their home lawn, when the new provincial Cosmetic Pesticide Ban removes their ability to use these familiar products. The ban goes into effect on April 22, 2009, and will have immediate implementation. Ontario's lawn care specialists, Nutri-Lawn, say they welcome the challenges presented by the new legislation and have the experience to thrive in this new market. The twenty year old company views the change as an opportunity for further environmental responsibility and business growth.

"Nutri-Lawn has the products, the processes, and the people to meet every need for this new legislation in Ontario." President Ryan Vincent explained. "Experience and expertise matter now more than ever, and we are ready to serve the communities of Ontario as the trusted partner in environmentally correct lawn care."

Nutri-Lawn has been practicing pesticide reduced and natural lawn care since day one in the 1980's. On staff agronomists are continually testing new alternative products and methods of control for the pests that plague Ontario's lawns. "We introduced the 'Organics PLUS' product line almost 10 years ago and since that date we have evolved the products and process' used to meet the new demands of lawn care today" Shawn Karn, Agronomic Manager for the Nutri-Lawn franchise system described. "The program utilizes natural products, and has been responsible for successful lush ecology-friendly lawns since before the legislation was ever considered".

When the banned lawn care products disappear from the shelves, using professionals with experience in organic lawn care may be the solution for homeowners who care about their lawns.

"We view this new legislation as an opportunity to expand our base of service," Operations Manager Jordan Lavin said. "We're the company that has solutions for these problems, and we are ready to service homeowners under these new regulations. Homeowners who want to keep their lawns green can trust Nutri-Lawn to assist them in these times of change. We have been practicing ecology friendly lawn care long before it was required or trendy."

About sustainability at Nutri-Lawn.

Nutri-Lawn is the leader in Canada's environmental lawn care movement. They have treated weed and insect problems on a spot treatment basis to reduce chemical usage on their customer's lawns since 1987. Nutri-Lawn is proud to support environmental programs that are important to customers, and have offered organic ecological programs since the 1990's. For twenty years Nutri-Lawn has been the leader of ecologically responsible lawn care, and their core purpose is to nourish lawns and lives. To learn more, visit

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