November 29, 2016 12:47 ET

Nutrition Transparency Now!

Leading U.S. nutrition scoring company launches mobile app and scoring database

QUINCY, MA--(Marketwired - November 29, 2016) - NuVal LLC, a company that analyzes the total nutritional value of food products on a scale of 1 to 100 (the higher the score, the better the nutrition), has launched two tools specifically designed to empower consumers with reliable information in order to make more nutritious food choices. The NuVal® Score Search platform provides direct access to the vast NuVal database of scores. The NuScan mobile app allows users to view NuVal Scores anytime, in any store. With these tools, consumers can identify and purchase more nutritious products for themselves and their families.

The NuVal Score Search platform provides access to the most scrupulously managed, UPC-specific nutrient database in the world. Over 125,000 national brand and private label products have been scored to date. Created by an international team of leading experts, NuVal is the most comprehensive nutritional scoring system in existence. Over 30 macro and micronutrients are evaluated in the scoring process, as is nutrient density, macronutrient quality, and relevance to disease risk and health outcomes.

Using NuVal's mobile app, NuScan, consumers can scan barcodes and see scores instantly. If a product is not found, users can submit product images to NuVal using the app, and will even receive a scoring certificate once processed.

In addition, we also wanted to present the opportunity to give the gift of health to family and loved ones. For a limited time only, anyone can purchase a one-year gift subscription for family members or friends to any of the NuVal tools, and this gift subscription can be purchased at 15% of the original price.

Launched in 2008, the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System can be found in over 1,600 retail grocery stores throughout the United States. During the last eight years, experts at leading institutions have conducted extensive validation and impact studies, and this research has repeatedly substantiated that the NuVal Scores:

  • are tremendously easy for shoppers to understand and use (McGill University, 2014)
  • influence purchasing behavior in a positive way (University of Pittsburgh, 2015)
  • are correlated to better health outcomes, including a lower risk of chronic diseases (Harvard School of Public Health study of over 100,000 people, 2011)

With the algorithm and scores fully validated and proven, NuVal is now opening the scoring database to a much broader audience.

According to Dr. David Katz, inventor of the ONQI® algorithm that powers the NuVal Scoring System, "NuVal is the most robustly validated nutritional scoring system available. By providing nutrition transparency and encouraging people to "choose a higher number," NuVal empowers shoppers to make healthier decisions. In addition to expert research confirming the NuVal System works, we have heard from people who attribute losing more than 100lbs to NuVal guidance, and trading up their groceries. And now, with these on-line and mobile tools available to the public, coaches and shoppers are able to view the NuVal Scores, choose higher scoring options, and trade up to better nutrition and to better health."

To register for a 30-day free trial of NuVal Empower (both tools in one convenient package), go to Register for Score Search or NuScan individually on the same page. To view the list of relevant published studies, email To learn more about NuVal LLC, visit

About NuVal

NuVal LLC is a joint venture formed in 2008 by Topco Associates, LLC, and Griffin Hospital of Derby, Connecticut, a non-profit community hospital and home to the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center. Located in Quincy, MA, NuVal licenses its proprietary food scoring system, which is based on ONQI® (Overall Nutrition Quality Index) science, to food retailers across the country.

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