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Nuvilex, Inc.

November 19, 2013 08:30 ET

Nuvilex's Acquisition of Diabetes Rights Should Put the Company on Everyone's Radar

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2013) - Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) recently acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to a proprietary cellulose-based live-cell encapsulation technology for developing treatments for all types of cancer, most notably pancreatic cancer. This acquisition should put the company and cell encapsulation-based therapies on the map if its future Phase 3 clinical trials in patients with advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer produce similar data to that seen in two separate early-phase trials in this disease.

But, Nuvilex didn't stop there. Executives then went out and raised enough capital at a price above the current share price to purchase the same exclusive worldwide rights to the cellulose-based live-cell encapsulation technology for the development of treatments for diabetes. When all is said and done, it is the diabetes acquisition that could make Nuvilex a household name.

While the company's future Phase 3 clinical trials in pancreatic cancer should bring lots of attention to Nuvilex, particularly if they produce a treatment that beats the current "gold standard" in Celgene's Abraxane, it can also be viewed that success with the pancreatic cancer trials would be full validation that this live-cell encapsulation technology works in treating major diseases. These trials should prove dramatic for the small Silver Spring, Maryland, biotech, and in the process set the table for what could be a blockbuster diabetes treatment.

One look at the growing number of diabetics around the world, and it's clear that diabetes has reached epidemic proportions. The International Diabetes Federation recently reported it expects the number of diabetics to climb to 592 million by 2035 if "urgent action" isn't taken -- worse yet, those numbers are estimated to grow to 1 in every 3 people by 2050 at the current pace.

It is these staggering numbers, and what the cellulose-based live-cell encapsulation technology has already proven it's capable of, that could move the company to the head of the class when it comes to a breakthrough treatment for diabetes.

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