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March 14, 2016 11:00 ET

NVISION Eye Centers Surgeons Among First to Perform Dropless Cataract Surgery™

Innovative Therapy Reduces Patient Burden, Improves Experience and Outcomes

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 14, 2016) -  NVISION Eye Centers, one of the leading providers of LASIK and cataract surgery in the U.S., today announced that three of its pioneering eye surgeons became the first within their respective regions to perform Dropless Cataract Surgery™ in 2015. This innovative new procedure removes the cumbersome challenge of administering several prescribed pre- and post-operative drops three to four times a day associated with preventing infection and complications after traditional cataract surgery. A special time-released medication administered during Dropless Cataract Surgery provides convenience and hundreds of dollars in cost-savings for patients, while alleviating compliance concerns.

The following surgeons from NVISION were the first to perform Dropless Cataract Surgery in their respective locations:

  • Dr. Paul Casey - first in Southern Nevada
  • Dr. Richard Meister - first in Northern California
  • Dr. Jon Weston - first in Oregon

"Our company has a history of developing and implementing innovative procedures," says James Pereyra, president of NVISION Eye Centers. "NVISION Eye Centers is confident that Dropless Cataract Surgery will improve patient experiences by reducing the risk of infection, eliminating the stress of drop administration and reducing out-of-pocket costs."

Lowering the risk of infection and inflammation following surgery is crucial. Traditionally, patients who undergo cataract surgery must adhere to an eye-drop schedule that includes several types of drops used for three to four weeks. These drops reduce the risk of inflammation and infection, and help ensure successful outcomes. Complications arise when cataract patients miss a scheduled dose and fail to comply with the strict dosage schedule.

Dropless Cataract Surgery eliminates or reduces dependence on drops. This new treatment option is especially ideal for those who have "drop-phobia," are physically or mentally impaired, depend on a caregiver to instill drops, or who are unable or unwilling to handle the financial burden of traditional drops. NVISION Eye Centers staff members report a drastic reduction in callbacks from pharmacists and patients, complaints about out-of-pocket expense, and time spent explaining dosing schedules and how to administer drops correctly. Perhaps most importantly, the burden of patient compliance has been alleviated.

"In 2009, Dr. Meister performed cataract surgery on my right eye, and having to remember to use all the eye drops before and after surgery was an issue for me," says patient Susan M. Malijewski, who returned to Dr. Meister in 2015 so he could perform the Dropless Cataract Surgery on her left eye. "Being able to eliminate having to put in the numerous drops, which were necessary with my 2009 surgery, was invaluable. I cannot say enough about Dr. Meister and his team! I highly recommend NVISION for laser eye surgery."

During Dropless Cataract Surgery, a sterile, compounded formulation of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication is deposited in the back of the eye (the vitreous). The time-released delivery of the drugs helps fight infection and inflammation during the post-operation period.

Nearly all patients are candidates for Dropless Cataract Surgery. Patients or their doctors can contact NVISION Eye Centers to talk more about Dropless Cataract Surgery or to observe a procedure in progress. 

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