July 05, 2011 07:14 ET

nViso Announces Partnership With Gordon & McCallum; Facial Imaging Experts Eye Global Market Research Industry

Software That Is Able to Accurately Detect and Decode Facial Micro-Expressions and Eye Movements Is Now Being Rolled Out in the Marketing Research Sector

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwire - Jul 5, 2011) - nViso, the emerging leader of Facial Imaging, has partnered with industry experts Gordon & McCallum to accelerate the implementation of its emotional response technology in the market research sector.

Introduced at the ESOMAR Conference on Neuroscience earlier this year, nViso's proprietary video technology is able to accurately measure emotional response online or on any webcam enabled mobile device. Applying established methods of recognizing emotional response by analysis of micro-expressions, nViso uses advanced machine learning software to provide a fast, automated solution for diagnosing emotive reactions.

nViso has been approached by a number of Fortune 500 companies who want to harness the strengths of measuring emotion impact of advertising, product concepts, and other marketing stimuli.

Partnering with Gordon & McCallum, nViso is strategically positioned to meet global demand and operational capability quickly, with an actionable research focus.

Led by industry experts David McCallum and Alastair Gordon, Gordon & McCallum works internationally with research agencies and end-user clients to improve research deliverables, management systems and the ROI derived from market research. David McCallum was formerly Global Head of Nielsen Custom Research, while Alastair Gordon drove the development of new brands and services in that division. In the partnership with nViso, they are leveraging their significant management and NPD expertise by providing assistance in identifying key research applications for the service, and by refining the systems and outputs to meet the expanding needs of research users for more accurate emotional response data.

"Under the governance of Gordon & McCallum, nViso has completed a seed round which has provided broad access to seasoned marketing research professionals and a deep network of expertise in developing highly-targeted applications based around the nViso service. We can work directly with clients to create new services based on nViso's in house analytics, or partners can access emotion metrics to enhance existing proprietary solutions. The research sector has been crying out for a proven scientific measure of emotional response that is accurate and scalable. This is it!" says Tim Llewellynn, nViso co-founder.

nViso is currently integrating its technology with select partners, including advertising and market research agencies, via an SaaS (software as a service) model.

"nViso's software provides an objective, accurate way to quantify people's fleeting, subconscious emotional reactions to visual material without direct questioning or complicated equipment. Unlike more complex technologies, such as EEG, the nViso system is totally non-intrusive and can be utilized online anywhere in the world via webcam enabled mobile devices," says Dr. Matteo Sorci, nViso co-founder.

"During 20 years in communications and brand research, this is the most fascinating development I've come across. The system is easily scalable, adaptable, and can be utilized globally overcoming challenges in translation and interpretation. The applications range from basic communications screening to the development of new prediction models. We are already working with our clients on adapting nViso's techniques to enhance their existing research or advertising practices," says Alastair Gordon, Managing Partner at Gordon & McCallum.

About nViso

nViso SA is a start-up at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL) developing technologies for deciphering emotions by interpreting human facial expressions and eye movements.

The company provides a stand-alone emotional research solution, analysis plus consumer-emotion consultancy and an SaaS based system which provides direct access to emotion data and online reporting. For more about nViso SA, visit

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Gordon & McCallum provides specialist consultancy services to the market research industry, focusing on the core issues of productivity and insight generation. We provide research suppliers with a range of business and professional improvement tools to address their key business and staff development needs. We provide research users with concise and systematic inputs, designed to obtain an even higher ROI from their research resources. Gordon & McCallum has particular expertise with the complexities associated with research in developing economies. For more on our services, and our senior consultants, visit:

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