October 04, 2017 20:21 ET

NW researchers discuss new approaches to muscle loss disease among seniors

BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwired - Oct 4, 2017) - Medical researchers from the University of Washington (UW) and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) will outline new medical approaches for sarcopenia, a muscle disease that impacts nearly half of Americans over the age of 65, at an upcoming gerontology meeting this week.

Kevin Conley, Ph.D., and Robert Martindale, MD, Ph.D., will discuss the implications of medical protocols that focus on physician-managed nutrition formulations and exercise to manage, even restore, muscle function in seniors with sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is a progressive loss of muscle mass or quality characterized by a decline in muscle strength and performance. Studies link sarcopenia to a decrease in quality of life (QOL) factors, such as independence and mobility, and an increase in the risks of frailty and mortality among seniors. According to a report in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society, sarcopenia impacts 45% of the U.S. population age 65+ and generates medical costs of more than $18.5 billion annually.

"Sarcopenia dramatically accelerates the natural loss of muscle strength and performance beyond the normal aging process," says Conley, a UW professor who studies aging and cellular energy issues. "For the first time, we have a single approach that addresses the distinct nutritional requirements of sarcopenia and provides physicians with medical management options. When combined with moderate exercise, we see improvements in muscle function and exercise tolerance." 

The University of Washington team is finalizing his finding from a clinical study on the physical function and muscle strength among sarcopenia patients receiving an astaxanthin-based medical nutrition product produced by AstaMed. The October 6 symposium at Sunriver Resort, OR will include data from this sarcopenia protocol study as well as key considerations for aggressive protein delivery to impact the anabolic resistance of aging. The full findings will be published later this year.

The disease education symposium is sponsored by AstaMed, a Bellevue-based company that produces AstaMed MYO™, a prescription medical food for the clinical dietary management of sarcopenia that is administered under medical supervision. Access to the presentation will be made available online at

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