October 03, 2012 10:00 ET

NWN First in the Industry to Offer Guaranteed Value Penetration Testing

GREENSBORO, NC--(Marketwire - Oct 3, 2012) - NWN has announced a new high-value, no-risk solution that minimizes risk and ensures IT security. Guaranteed Value Penetration Testing -- the only guaranteed testing available and first of its kind in the industry -- provides companies with definitive "real world" testing of their IT security systems.

NWN's pen test team simulates, as closely as possible, an attack by a knowledgeable and skilled "hacker" to uncover security weaknesses and assess the potential impact these threats could have on an organization. If NWN is not able to "get in" or compromise an organization's system within the stated timeframe, the customer does not pay for the testing.

Security breaches are a costly, all-too-common occurrence that impacts the majority of U.S. companies. According to a Ponemon Institute report, 85% of all U.S. companies have experienced one or more data breaches, with the cost of such attacks costing an average of $318 per compromised record in 2010. Adding to the complexity and rising costs of security breaches are newly-enacted regulations -- that vary widely from state to state -- requiring companies to disclose incidents in which personal information is compromised.

In the face of increasingly damaging and widespread security attacks, many companies seek to mitigate risk and exposure by conducting penetration testing. If a penetration tester fails to "get in" or compromise an environment, however, the results are inconclusive and of little value in determining if security weaknesses exist. NWN's guaranteed value proposition ensures comprehensive testing of an organization's network, systems and software -- and guarantees results.

Kevin Fiscus, director of NWN's compliance and security practice, says that "security people love penetration testing but nobody wants to talk about pen testing's major problem -- the fact that the value you receive is dependent entirely on those doing the testing. Some people sell basic scanning and penetration testing while others attempt to do real pen tests but lack the skills. Even qualified, expert testers can miss something."

"In any case, you only really receive value from a penetration test when the tester affects a compromise. If the tester doesn't 'get in' you might be secure but the tester might also have a bad methodology, be unqualified or simply have missed something," says Fiscus. "Making things worse, there's no way to know. To fix this, NWN has created an offering that guarantees that our clients receive measurable value every time and without question."

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