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April 17, 2009 09:05 ET

NWP Services Corporation Announces Agreement With BluTrend® to Offer CSASecure®

NWP Extends Processing Capabilities to Prevent and Recover All Utility Theft for Multifamily Clients in the Deregulated Markets of Texas and Georgia

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - April 17, 2009) - NWP Services Corporation (NWP), the leading provider of financial transaction processing solutions for the multifamily housing industry, today announced an agreement with BluTrend®, LLC to offer the CSASecure® service to NWP's utility billing clients in Texas and Georgia.

"We are pleased to now offer CSASecure® which extends our processing capabilities to prevent occurrences of utility theft by apartment residents and expedites recovery of all costs for our client's multifamily communities that would otherwise be lost," stated Michael Radice, president and CEO of NWP Services Corporation.

While NWP currently offers utility theft recovery services nation-wide as part of its award winning UtilityPay Manager product, the company will also provide the CSASecure® service in the deregulated electric and natural gas utility markets of Texas and Georgia broadening capabilities to identify residents who violate their lease agreements by switching utility service back to the property's name at any time prior to their move-out date. The automated system uses advanced electronic data exchange technologies to compare data provided by the property owner with utility transactional data to continuously monitor resident utility accounts ensuring they are activated and maintained as required by resident's leasing agreement. An added benefit, utility theft violations are detected in as little as 24 hours and the system automatically notifies the resident and the property staff to take action; the system then generates a bill which is mailed to the resident so the property owner can recover the utility cost.

"Utility theft is a serious threat to the financial well-being of apartment communities; the longer the time lag, the less likely property owners will recover losses from utility theft violations," added Jim Charles, senior vice president of Product Management and Engineering at NWP. "This is especially true when a resident moves-out, where the utility bill for the vacant unit typically arrives after the resident's security deposit has been returned, greatly reducing the potential for recovery. With our existing processes coupled with CSASecure we offer a total solution to our clients in Texas and Georgia," added Charles.

"We are pleased to work with NWP to provide the patented CSASecure® solution to their customers," said Michael Anderson, Managing Partner for BluTrend. "In these challenging times, businesses are looking for new ways to cut costs and the CSASecure® solution has proven substantial cost savings with a minimum of 200% ROI for owners who have implemented the service," added Anderson.

About NWP Services Corporation:

Headquartered in Irvine, California, NWP Services Corporation (NWP) serves the multifamily housing industry as its leading financial transaction processing provider. NWP is known for its industry expertise delivering proven results and exceptional quality in resident billing, resident payment processing and utility management.

Resident billing by NWP helps property owners offset their utility expenses. The company's utility cost recovery team allocates utility charges to residents and prints and sends the bill; NWP's billing options now include convergent -- or "rent-inclusive" -- billing through its Resident OneBill service. Complementing its billing services, the company's electronic resident payment processing service, called Resident ePay, enables residents to pay their rent, utilities and other monthly charges online or at the rental office with funds transferred to the property's bank account electronically. Resident ePay gives residents convenience and choice and enables owners to access cash faster. In addition, with its UtilityPay Manager program, NWP processes and pays invoices sent to customers' properties by utility companies. UtilityPay Manager helps customers reduce time spent on administrative bill payment work and provides them with valuable utility data and additional cost management opportunities, including recovering expenses from residents when they fail to transfer utilities into their own name.

NWP's offerings are available as individual services or as a fully integrated solution and are designed to accelerate the financial performance of our customers, allowing them to recover and reduce operating costs, create operational efficiencies, improve NOI and FFO and boost resident satisfaction. Additional information is available at

About BluTrend®, LLC:

BluTrend®, LLC is a privately held Georgia company focusing on reducing electric and natural gas expenses in the multifamily industry. CSASecure® is a patented product of BluTrend®, LLC and is currently in commercial use in Texas and GA. For more information, visit

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