April 23, 2013 12:16 ET

NXNE Art Announces Artists, Street Art, Exhibits, Cafe Talks and Installations

"We Declare the World as Our Canvas"

TORONTO--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2013) - NORTH BY NORTHEAST (NXNE) announces programming for the inaugural year of NXNE Art, the visual arts stream that will run throughout the city of Toronto June 10-16, 2013.

NXNE Art has confirmed the participation of the following artists: Berlin's Nils Völker will exhibit Eighty Eight, a sequence of wavelike animations created by black plastic bags; Toronto-based multi-media artist Johannes Zits will showcase Looking For Guides To An Alternative, a six-day public installation that weaves a tapestry of cut-up business suits across Toronto's financial district; Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti will present his critically acclaimed photo series Toy Stories, which documents children from around the world with their toys; Ulu Braun's mesmerizing landscape video collage will light up the night; Montreal-based Alison Moore and Jasa Baka will premiere Smile Stealers, a visual epic poetry film; and groundbreaking artist Brendan De Montigny will take on the role of the machine in I am a Human Printer, instantly creating unique images of audience members.

NXNE Art will infiltrate the streets of Toronto with innovative and interactive art in galleries, café talks and unconventional spaces around the city -- including a two-day outdoor art fair in Ryerson Quad, located in the heart of Ryerson University and steps away from Yonge-Dundas Square. Graffiti and street art, including work by Gary Taxali and Ron English, will transform construction zones in the city, while TTC video screens and streetcars will host interactive and physical creation. Other NXNE Art venues include Toronto's legendary cultural centre The Cameron House and the world-renowned Art Gallery of Ontario.

NXNE Art artists include:
Stephanie Avery, Jasa Baka and Allison Moore, Brian Bantugan, Onur Bingöl, Ulu Braun, Eric Chen, Stephen Chen, James Desrochiers, Brendan De Montigny, Ron English, Hannah Epstein, Moritz Fingerhut, Chris Forster, Gabriele Galimberti, Jenn Godwin and Camilla Singh, Hart Goetze, Dara Gold, Christian Hoosen, Ju Ju, Mike McDonnell, Pamela Mingo, Juan Negroni, Lisa Ng, Roberta Orlando, Phil Shaw, Ryan Smeeton, Gary Taxali, Tensoe, Rae Vena, Nils Voelker and Johannes Zits. Stay tuned for more NXNE Art venue and artists announcements at

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