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December 14, 2010 10:08 ET

NXOI Announces Shareholder Update Letter Highlighting Significant 2010 Accomplishments and Future Milestones

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - December 14, 2010) - Next One Interactive (OTCBB: NXOI)

Dear Shareholder,

On behalf of our employees and families, we at Next One Interactive wish you a Happy Holiday Season. While we have faced many challenges over the past year, we also experienced far more success than expected. Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to highlight some of the many accomplishments we have achieved this year.

As many of you know, November 2010 represented the 1st Anniversary of Next One Interactive's launch of the R&R TV network. Thus, we are sharing our excitement with you, as we take a look at all of the positive events that have recently taken place at Next One Interactive, Inc. (NXOI). Our goal was to create a company that works across multiple platforms (Television, Video on Demand TV, Mobile and Internet), thereby recognizing the convergence of technology platforms. When this is achieved it will allow the consumer to watch and transact on whatever device they choose. One of our Company's major pushes for the last two years is to be the exclusive partner with Comcast for Residential Real Estate on their Video on Demand platform. With such a significant time and dollar investment by NXOI in this area, naturally, I was pleased to hear Mr. Jeff Zucker (CEO and President of NBC Universal) on CNBC's Squawk Box, talking about how Video on Demand is one of their most watched and exciting areas for generating future revenues.

To this end we believe Next One's investment in the Real Estate Video on Demand program has properly positioned the company for future growth. We are especially pleased with the new vantage points our strategic relationships and advances in technology have created for our three areas of focus: Real Estate, Travel, and Media.

NXOI's Real Estate Division made significant advancements in developing our Video on Demand (VOD) application platform. We have entered into an exclusive contract with Comcast (the largest cable company in North America) for the nation's first national real estate television network delivered to over 15 million households. 

The new product, called "Connextions," was developed in conjunction with RealBiz Media and was officially launched in November at the national conference for real estate professionals in New Orleans. The response from the real estate industry was extraordinary and the consensus was that the "Connextions" platform was by far the most innovative marketing program available to the industry at the show.

We are currently working to contract with over 30 companies which tested our platform at the show. These companies include national and regional realtors, bankers, and mortgage brokers, as well as a number of supporting service groups. We anticipate a significant number of new clients for the real estate division over the next quarter.

NXOI's Travel Division has also made great strides. A few of the accomplishments include:

1. Launching (under an exclusive contract) the OnBoard TV network to over 85% of the U.S.'s cruise ships with a reach of 12 million affluent viewers per year.

2. Forming a strategic travel fulfillment alliance with La Macchia Enterprises/Mark Travel -- one of the largest tour wholesalers in the travel industry.

3. Repositioning the R&R Advantage program for a full launch this quarter.

4. Bonnier Corporation, which publishes 55 special interest magazines, will begin to use the R&R Advantage program as one of its loyalty products for magazine subscribers who renew their subscriptions.

In the Media Division, advances have been made improving both viewership and programming:

  • From November 2009 until today, we have grown the television network's reach from 1.6 million to over 28 million homes;

  • Our most recent viewership numbers for R&R TV as provided by DIRECTV internal Media Group show that, for Monday through Friday 8pm EST-11pm EST (primetime), had a reach of 1,194,000 numerical households watching from 8:00-10:00 p.m. This is 45% increase from the 797,982 households during the month of September and 885,715 households during the month of October. This means that more people are sampling the network -- a key to attracting advertising revenue;

  • We have a fully programmed network with over 60 TV series;

  •  We have a favorable channel position between Bloomberg and CNBC on DirecTV -- (2nd largest multi-channel TV company in North America);

  • We are negotiating to further expand R&R TV's distribution to 60 million households, representing 2/3 of the US market, during the course of the next year;

  • We have launched two major interactive campaigns with significant success for key advertisers;

  • We have launched the first broadband live feed of our TV network on which integrates our interactive commercials and our showcase solution in real time (first network to do this); and

  • To date, we have conducted four test auctions in real estate, art, sports memorabilia, and horse. The results for real estate in particular have been very positive. We plan to expand our auction-driven programming during 2011.

We are truly excited about the progress and forward movement during 2010, and are looking forward to breaking more ground in 2011, as the next generation transactional information network.

We certainly appreciate your continued support and will continue to work diligently towards growing our strategic relationships and technology in real estate, travel and media properties and ultimately achieving the successes that we have all been striving towards.


Bill Kerby
Vice Chairman & CEO

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