SOURCE: Wolf Woman Productions Inc.

November 13, 2008 14:30 ET

NYU Film Professor Offers Citizens of the World the Opportunity to Become Co-Producers of New Film

"Sand Shades" Is Primed to Shake up the World of Cinema via Unique Viral Marketing Campaign

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 13, 2008) - Friday, October 24th, 2008 marked the formal announcement and pre-screening event for Manoshi Chitra Neogy's latest film entitled "Sand Shades." Screening Room #006 at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University was ignited with intrigue as the story behind the film and the innovative strategy to bring it to life were revealed.

Neogy, a professor of film at New York University, is an incredibly talented artist and visionary with an insatiable desire to push the envelope of artistic expression. Her work has been created and showcased around the globe, and she has deservedly earned many awards throughout her career, including several international awards for her last film Journey Within A Journey.

Written and directed entirely by Neogy, "Sand Shades" will be a feature-length film shot on location around the globe, from New York to Paris, from Marrakech to Calcutta. It is a cinepoem that will challenge the predictable nature of filmmaking and the dead formulaic films of both Hollywood and Bollywood. It is a powerful film directed by a woman, about a woman, and for all the women of the world, but the story will resonate with anyone who struggles with life choices in contemporary society. It is nothing short of a revolution in cinema.

Hesh Samalkar, Director of Events at the Asia Society in New York City, was in attendance and affirmed that Neogy "is an amazing filmmaker whose strength and originality lie in her capacity to fathom uncertainty, no matter how uncomfortable, and then be able to portray it seamlessly on celluloid. She creates magic on and off the screen. 'Sand Shades' promises to be a visual and emotional interlude that will touch millions of hearts."

Neogy and her Producer, Christine Janssen, are also by-passing the politics and egos of Hollywood to fund the project in a way that has never been done before in the film industry. They are offering an opportunity for all women (and men) of the world to be co-producers and bring this film to fruition. In exchange for a donation of one dollar, individuals from all walks of life can be contributing producers. Every person who makes a contribution to "Sand Shades" will be acknowledged in the film credits in a unique art form that has yet to be disclosed.

The premise behind the entire project is incredibly empowering. The offer to be a contributing producer is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will bring millions of people from around the globe together to create art. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 150 million women in the United States alone. If only 10% of these women contributed just one dollar, the film could be produced in its entirety. Neogy is also creating a fund for future filmmakers and visionaries, and a portion of the proceeds from the film will be designated to support the dreams of countless artists around the globe.

The goal is to spread the word about "Sand Shades" via viral marketing and global screening events. The next screening event is scheduled for San Francisco in early 2009.

Neogy's production company, Wolf Woman Productions Inc., is based in Brooklyn. For more information about "Sand Shades," visit To view video clips from the NYC pre-screening event, visit