August 14, 2013 13:00 ET

OAISYS Tracer Call Recording Solution Meets Ink's Goals of Improving Contact Center Performance

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwired - Aug 14, 2013) - OAISYS®, a leading provider of business call recording and contact center management solutions, has helped Ink improve contact center call quality, training, dispute resolution and validate agent compensation using OAISYS' Tracer call recording solution. Ink is the global expert in connecting with travellers throughout their entire journeys. Through its portfolio of B2B and B2C products and solutions, Ink reaches a captive audience of hundreds of millions of travellers each year.

"With 70 London-based contact center agents handling more than 77,000 calls each month, we identified a need to record calls for quality monitoring, training and to verify agent compensation," said Colin Dash, Ink's group IT manager. "Our objective was to ensure consistent call quality and validate agent conversations for compensation as well as to quickly and efficiently resolve disputes."

Ink produces more inflight magazines for more airlines than any other company in the world. It also produces targeted advertising (TAD) on confirmation emails, check-in emails, print-at-home and mobile boarding passes. It conducts global passenger research, holds the Airline Retail Conferences and China Travel Retail Conferences, and produces the Airline Passenger Experience media platform.

Challenge: Implement a Call Recording Solution to Ensure Quality, Provide Training, Validate Agent Compensation and Resolve Disputes

Dash, who oversees Ink's London contact center, identified a need to record contact center calls for quality monitoring and training and to verify agent compensation. Dash's objective was to ensure consistent quality by being able to monitor calls and use call recordings for training. Plus, the company needed a way to validate agent conversations for compensation purposes and to quickly and efficiently resolve disputes.

Easy and intuitive for the agents to use, OAISYS Tracer makes accessing and retrieving call recordings simple and efficient. In addition to capturing the call audio and all available descriptive data as a digital media file, or voice document, Tracer is enabled to record and view live agent desktop screen activity. 

Solution: OAISYS Tracer Meets Ink's Goals of Recording Calls to Ensure Quality, Train Agents, Validate Agent Compensation and Help Resolve Conflicts

Using OAISYS Tracer, Ink's contact center supervisors can easily find, review, mark and share call recordings for review. For sales training, supervisors can train agents by using calls that exemplify best practices so that the agents know exactly what is expected, enabling them to be properly trained and rewarded when they do a superior job. Supervisors can also monitor live calls to see how agents are handling customers, particularly in the case of big sales.

Prior to using Tracer, Ink did not have a call recording solution. It only had call logging capabilities. Supervisors could see what calls were made, but they did not know what was said in the call. With Tracer, every call is recorded, so agents are accountable, and issues can easily be resolved. 

"OAISYS Tracer is simple, easy-to-use, and works really well. It's a more complete solution than the other call recording applications we considered," Dash said. "With OAISYS Tracer, we knew we found the right call recording solution to work with our Avaya IP Office business telephone system."

Value: Ink Can Easily Monitor and Share Call Recordings to Ensure Quality Service, Proper Training and Validate Agent Compensation

Ink's agent commissions are based on specific behavior displayed during calls selling ad space, conference booth space and other travel products. Knowing exactly what they need to do to maintain quality helps agents meet their sales goals -- and get their commissions -- while ensuring that Ink's goals for quality and customer service are met.

Because call recording made such a positive impact on the quality and consistency of contact center calls, sales increased, and disputes were reduced. Training helped agents turn calls into sales and also helped them minimize time spent on calls in which a sale was unlikely to occur. Overall, call recording has helped Ink increase revenues.

In fact, the Tracer solution has worked so well for Ink's contact center that Dash expanded its use to the company's editorial staff as well. Editors use it to record their phone-based interviews and, via Tracer's ability to optionally export voice documents to various industry-standard file formats, can now play the recordings on their computers as mp3 audio files.

According to Dash, "OAISYS Tracer is an affordable, intuitive call recording solution that has made a big impact on the way Ink's agents represent their clients, and it has helped us increase revenues."

OAISYS® is a leading developer of call recording and contact center management solutions for a wide range of organizations, from small- to medium-sized businesses to multi-site large enterprises. OAISYS voice compliance and quality monitoring applications help businesses mitigate risk and enhance customer service by digitally capturing phone-based interactions for simple retrieval, playback and management. OAISYS is headquartered in Tempe, Ariz. OAISYS Limited is located in Cambridge, England. For more information please visit

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