November 30, 2010 12:56 ET

Oakleaf Introduces Intelligent Waste Management

EAST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT--(Marketwire - Nov. 30, 2010) - Oakleaf, one of the nation's fastest-growing waste and recycling service providers, is introducing Intelligent Waste Management. This initiative is supported by an identity rebrand and new website.

Intelligent Waste Management is a category-defining shift in how businesses view their waste stream. It is an aggressive new approach focused on reducing the financial and environmental costs associated with a client's waste product.

Intelligent Waste Management offers an unbiased process that creates efficiencies in the collection, transportation and disposition of discarded materials, generating new revenue through recycling and diverting waste from traditional channels. No longer an afterthought, waste is now an essential resource that can be managed by industry-leading technology, transforming it into an asset that not only elevates a client's reputation for sustainability but also enhances productivity and reduces costs.

Intelligent Waste Management is better than traditional waste management for four key reasons:

Program Design: Oakleaf designs a tailored business solution for each client, supported by industry best practices through a detailed analysis of the waste stream, facility design and service level requirements.

Procurement and Operational Optimization: Oakleaf drives overall costs down by engaging its 2,500 providers in local procurement, ensuring clients have the most cost-efficient mix of equipment and service frequency while streamlining the transactional process.

Recycling and Diversion Program Management: Oakleaf further delivers financial and environmental value to customers by maximizing the extraction of commodities from the waste stream and minimizing the dumping of waste in expensive landfills.

Analytics and Customer Support: Oakleaf offers online servicing, detailed service analytics and consolidated billing through its industry-leading proprietary software, Acorn. In addition, dedicated client service professionals organized by industry segment orchestrate Oakleaf's full roster of solutions supported by a 24/7 customer care center.

"Intelligent Waste Management redefines how we provide value to our customers and positions us as a market leader," says Steve Preston, President and CEO of Oakleaf.

Be sure to visit the new Oakleaf website to learn more about Intelligent Waste Management and join the conversation on Oakleaf's facebook fan page for tips and strategies on reducing your waste stream.

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Connecticut with 650 employees and a nationwide network of 2,500 preferred haulers, Oakleaf provides the first-to-market, asset-light business model with unparalleled technology for some of the largest, most progressive, environmentally-minded companies in North America.

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