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October 15, 2008 10:17 ET

Oakwood Healthcare System Standardizes Emergency Department Operations With Emergisoft

DALLAS, TX and TRENTON, MI--(Marketwire - October 15, 2008) - Emergisoft Corporation is pleased to announce the success of the implementation of EmergisoftED™ in Oakwood Southshore Medical Center. The hospital is the fifth to install EmergisoftED in the Oakwood Healthcare System, standardizing its emergency department (ED) operations across all five hospitals. Emergisoft's emergency department software is a completely Web browser-based solution that automates each step of the patient management and patient documentation process in the ED.

Oakwood Healthcare System receives over 200,000 Emergency Department visits annually in its five emergency departments and has a total of 1,307 licensed beds. Oakwood Southshore Medical Center is a 168-bed facility that receives close to 26,000 Emergency Department visits a year. By installing EmergisoftED, Oakwood Southshore Medical Center has gained immediate access to ED patient records and has helped strengthen patient care across the Oakwood Healthcare System.

The decision to install EmergisoftED at Oakwood Southshore Medical Center (OSMC) was based on feedback from the hospital's Attending Physicians who wanted more legible records. Another factor was the success of implementing EmergisoftED into Oakwood Healthcare System's other four EDs and the fact that all five Oakwood emergency departments would have the ability to share the patient database, enterprise wide.

"We wanted to install Emergisoft at Oakwood Southshore so all the EDs would have the shared database of legible patient visit information," Holly Breckenridge, Director of Clinical Informatics at Oakwood Healthcare System, said. "We wanted to go forward with an EDIS at the fifth site and we intended to use Emergisoft so all five sites would be consistent."

The decision to install EmergisoftED at Southshore has empowered the emergency department to streamline processes, increase patient safety and improve documentation, which allows the healthcare providers to focus on patient care and flow.

"We eliminated most of the paper and we no longer use grease boards. At OSMC, three tracking monitors were installed so nurses and physicians can see what patients they have at any given time," said Joanne McKay, Administrator of Emergency Services at Oakwood Healthcare System. "The medical and nursing staff love that the information is available immediately at any computer for any patient. They aren't searching for charts anymore. Having the information available at anytime is a great benefit to providing safe, quality and efficient care."

The installation of EmergisoftED has also produced more complete documentation, added Breckenridge, "Patient records are now legible at Southshore."

Breckenridge also added that having the medication reconciliation sheet online and printed, with the patient's home meds and meds given in the ED is another added benefit to the installation of EmergisoftED. "It's really nice. When the patient is admitted, a legible medication reconciliation form prints and is sent to the inpatient unit. This is very much improved from the hand written one that our staff did before we went to the full documentation with Emergisoft."

The installation of Emergisoft has helped the Oakwood Healthcare System reach its mission by improving on quality of care due to the ability to share the information across all five emergency departments, Breckenridge said. "Staff doesn't have to duplicate data entry anymore. They can pull information forward from a most recent visit, even if it was at one of our other sites."

"Emergisoft is pleased to support Oakwood Southshore Medical Center and the rest of Oakwood Healthcare System in standardizing all five emergency department's operations," said Joseph J. DeSilva, Emergisoft's Chief Executive Officer. "We pride ourselves in being the leading provider of Emergency Department Information Systems within leading hospital systems as well as individual sites. Emergisoft continues to assist Oakwood Healthcare System's commitment to advance its service offering to the community it serves."

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