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September 27, 2013 12:08 ET

Obama Counting on Media to Help Destroy Small Business Programs, According to the American Small Business League

PETALUMA, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 27, 2013) - If President Obama is going to get away with closing the Small Business Administration (SBA) and destroying all federal small business programs under the guise of "streamlining government" it will be essential for the mainstream media to lend their support. Any factual, accurate or honest coverage of the president's plan could be extremely detrimental.

If the mainstream media really wants to back the president on this one, there are a number of areas where their assistance will be essential.

1. Do not use the word "close." Any reference to the president's plan to shut down the SBA must be referred to as "streamlining government" or "combining agencies."

2. Journalists must refrain from any mention of the fact the president's plan to "streamline government" will involve combining the SBA with the Department of Commerce. Journalists should absolutely avoid any and all accurate information about the fact the SBA represents the nation's 28 million smallest businesses and the Department of Commerce represents the interests of the nation's largest, mega huge, gigantic, colossal corporate giants. All journalists must not mention that combining the SBA and the Department of Commerce would be like combining NASA and the Department of the Interior or combing Al Qaeda and the Department of Homeland Security or combining the largest Mexican drug cartel with the DEA or combining the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) with Child Protective Services or combining, well you get the idea. 

3. Next, journalists that really want to show their support for the president in his efforts to cheat American small businesses out of billions of dollars in loans and federal contracts must not mention any of the U.S. Census Bureau statistics that show small businesses are responsible for over 90 percent of net new jobs, over 50 percent of the GDP, over 50 percent of the private sector work force and over 90 percent of all U.S. exporters. If the general public ever found out that small businesses were the actual engine of economic growth and job creation in America, it could be disastrous to President Obama's plan to close the SBA, no wait, I mean, "Streamline government."

4. The next, very important point is journalists must not mention the absolute insanity, lunacy and horrifying judgment of President Obama's plan to "streamline government" to save a measly, paltry, miniscule, insignificant, infinitesimal $300 million a year. Journalists should surely avoid any mention of facts like how the SBA budget is .001 percent of the Pentagon budget and Pentagon auditors have found the Pentagon loses around 25 percent of their $700 billion dollar budget each year. Helpful journalists should certainly avoid breaking down the $175 billion a year the Pentagon loses to show they lose more money in a single morning, about $344 million, than President Obama claims he can save in a year by "streamlining government." Journalists must avoid the fact that the Pentagon loses enough money in a day ($700 million) to run the SBA for a year.

5. One of the single most important facts that must be avoided at all costs is President Obama's plan to spend $7 billion of America's hard-earned tax dollars to build power plants in Africa under his "Power Africa" program. You can just imagine the public relations nightmare if the general public found out the truth that the president was going to close the only agency in government to assist the 28 million small businesses, in order to allegedly save $300 million and then turn around and spend $7 billion to build power plants in Africa. People would be outraged, so clearly any facts about the president's "Power Africa" program should be strictly avoided.

6. Another issue regarding the Department of Commerce that needs to be avoided is that every year of the Obama administration, federal investigators and journalists, disloyal to the Commander and Chief, have found rampant fraud at the SBA. They've found that most federal small business contracts actually go to the very corporate giants the Department of Commerce represents. You can just imagine the public outcry if the general public realized the president's plan to "streamline government" meant turning over all federal small business programs to the very corporate giants that have been allowed to hijack billions of dollars in federal small business contracts for over a decade.

7. The next point involves Lloyd Chapman and the American Small Business League (ASBL). All Obama-loyal journalists must not mention the fact that Lloyd Chapman predicted President Obama would try and close the SBA by combining it with the Department of Commerce in November of 2008. It should never be mentioned Chapman has won over 20 legal battles in federal court against the Obama administration under the Freedom of Information Act that have exposed rampant fraud at the SBA. The fact that Chapman exposed that 235 Fortune 500 firms received federal small business contracts last year should, of course, be avoided. It could be a real nightmare if people found out Entrepreneur Magazine said Chapman might be a "modern day Cesar Chavez" for small businesses in America. If our president is going to be successful in destroying all federal programs developed to help the small businesses that create over 90 percent of net new jobs, the general public must not watch any of Chapman's national television appearances fighting for small businesses. We absolutely must not allow any mention of that really funny video Chapman made that shows all the federal investigations and disloyal media reports of widespread fraud at the SBA. (Journalists are also advised not to watch the video because we do not want any facts and irrefutable evidence clouding your mind.)

8. Finally, all we need to do to support our president is to keep all of the facts surrounding "streamlining government" out of the press for a few more days. Once the SBA and the Department of Commerce are combined, all the facts and evidence of the rampant fraud at the SBA will be completely swept under the rug, once and for all. All federal programs to help small businesses can then be quietly dismantled and all of the SBA staff will quietly disappear. Of course, the use of the words "cover up" are strictly forbidden.

Hail to the Chief!

P.S. Remember, make sure no one sees that embarrassing video Chapman made exposing fraud and abuse at the SBA. 

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