October 21, 2009 11:08 ET

Obama Seeks Specific Policy Measures for Smart Grid Implementation

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The implementation of smart grid technologies in the US has gathered momentum with substantial endorsement from the federal government. The Barack Obama-led government has come up with specific policy measures to aid the implementation of smart grid. The ongoing recession has had a negative impact on the US economy resulting in large-scale job losses. The smart grid has the ability to create new jobs as it opens up new market segments in power lines, communication technologies, smart meters, and related others. The possibility of new markets opening up has drawn the attention of US policy makers as it will have a significant effect on the revival of the US economy. Smart grid roll-out has already generated significant interest among global industry majors such as General Electric Corporation and ABB Inc. The grant of $11 billion for smart grid related programs has set the ball rolling. Smart grid implementation will continue in the coming years despite certain challenges as the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.


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--  Key trends and opportunities within this market
--  Key challenges to market growth
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Topics covered in the report include…
1 Table of Contents
  1.1 List of Tables
  1.2 List of Figures
2 GlobalData Viewpoint
  2.1 Summary
  3 US Smart Grid Roll-Out: Forging Ahead
  3.1 Energy Independence
  3.2 Creation of Jobs
  3.3 Pro-Environmental Government
  3.3.1 Enabling Legislations
  3.3.2 Majority in both the houses of US Congress
  3.4 Economic Recovery
  3.5 Vulnerability of Legacy Grids
  3.6 Lobbying by Special Interest Groups
  3.7 Long Term Projects
  3.7.1 Change in Governments
  3.7.2 Future Uncertainties
4 Appendix
  4.1 Methodology
  4.2 Definitions
  4.2.1 Units of Measure
  4.3 Contact Us
  4.4 About GlobalData
  4.5 Disclaimer
1.1 List of Tables
  Table 1: US, Oil Import Trend (in Billion barrels), 2004-2008
  Table 2: US, Job Creation Potential of Smart Grid (in '000), 2009-2015
1.2 List of Figures
  Figure 1: US, Oil Import Trend (in Billion barrels), 2004-2008
  Figure 2: US, Job Creation Potential of Smart Grid (in '000), 2009-2015
  Figure 3: GlobalData Methodology

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