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November 26, 2010 06:02 ET

Obtain Cheaper Auto Insurance in Quebec

QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 26, 2010) - Did you know that you can substantially reduce the cost of your auto insurance in Quebec by making a few decisions that won't significantly affect your quality of life or coverage in the event of a breakdown? A variety of factors influence the cost of your auto insurance in Quebec. Being familiar with them will allow you to save money on auto insurance in Quebec almost effortlessly.

Top 5 ways to lower the cost of your auto insurance in Quebec

If you've just received the renewal notice for your auto insurance in Quebec, now is the perfect time to start saving! Check out the following points for ways to save on the cost of your auto insurance in Quebec:

  • Increase Your Deductible: The amount of your claim deductible has a huge influence on your auto insurance premiums.

  • Drive Less: Keep in mind that the number of kilometres travelled per day is one of the key criteria used to determine how much you pay for auto insurance in Quebec.

  • Protect your vehicle against automobile theft: Protect your vehicle with a proven theft-deterrent system such as an immobilizer, a tracking system and/or anti-theft marking. In many cases, the cost of such an expense is justified by the amount you'll save on your auto insurance in Quebec, not to mention the peace of mind provided by guarding yourself against theft!

  • Bundle your home and auto insurance in Quebec: You can reduce your overall auto insurance premiums even more by insuring multiple vehicles with the same insurer. So, for increased savings, go ahead and insure your home, cottage, vehicle, your spouse's vehicle, ATV, your motorcycle and sailboat all under one policy!

  • Research the cost of auto insurance in Quebec BEFORE buying a new vehicle:  Don't be surprised if there are major differences in premium quotations for similarly-priced vehicles. Certain models are more susceptible to theft or require more expensive replacement parts.

Save on auto insurance in Quebec for young drivers

Statistically, young drivers pay more for auto insurance in Quebec, because drivers in this category pose a higher risk on road. There's only one way to rapidly reduce the cost of auto insurance in Quebec for young drivers: Have them gain driving experience as a named occasional driver under your policy, while ensuring they remain free of at-fault accidents and driving convictions. After a few years of having a clean driving record, your young drivers' auto insurance premiums will drop considerably and they'll be able to purchase auto insurance in Quebec for their own vehicle at a rate considerably lower than the rate in effect when they first obtained their driver's license. Playing it safe pays!

Check your coverage and shop around!

Most auto insurance in Quebec contains additional coverage at no extra charge, which represents a real value in the event of a loss or claim. Keep this in mind when comparing different insurance quotations.

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