May 02, 2011 16:42 ET

OCC Reports Overall Cleared Volume Declined in April as Futures and Securities Lending Volume Continued to Rise

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - May 2, 2011) - OCC announced that overall cleared volume reached 338,562,433 contracts in April, representing a 7 percent decrease from the April 2010 volume of 363,275,500 contracts. This volume decline was primarily in options contracts as futures and securities lending volumes continued to rise in April. OCC's year-to-date total volume is up 16 percent with 1,498,862,398 contracts.

Options: Exchange-listed options trading volume reached 335,425,947 contracts in April, a 7 percent decrease from April 2010. Average daily options trading volume in April was 16,771,298 contracts, 2 percent lower than April 2010 which had 1 more trading day. Year-to-date options trading volume is up 16 percent with 1,485,309,264 contracts.

Futures: Futures cleared by OCC reached 3,136,486 contracts in April, up 24 percent from 2010. Equity futures came in at 331,209 contracts this month and show a year-to-date average of 14,081 daily contracts. Index and other futures reached 2,804,859 contracts, up 43 percent from 2010. OCC is averaging 165,282 futures contracts per day in 2011, up 54 percent from 2010.

Securities Lending: OCC's stock loan program, including OTC and AQS, saw a 20 percent increase in new loan activity over April 2010 with 59,404 new loan transactions in April. Year-to-date securities lending activity is up 52 percent from 2010 with 266,762 new loan transactions in 2011. OCC's stock loan program had an average daily notional value of $12,370,987,799.

April 2011 Total Contract VolumeApril 2010 Total Contract VolumeApril Total Contract % Change vs. 2010YTD. Avg. Daily Contract 2011YTD. Avg. Daily Contract 2010Avg. Daily Contract % Change vs. 2010
Equity Options314,102,867334,758,439-6%16,915,40914,478,80517%
Index Options21,323,08025,995,142-18%1,198,1191,201,1250%
Total Options335,425,947360,753,581-7%18,113,52815,679,93016%
Equity Futures331,209555,255-40%14,08119,536-28%
Index /
Other Futures
Options on Futures41837412%1628-43%
Total Futures3,136,4862,521,91924%165,282107,20654%
Total Volume338,562,433363,275,500-7%18,278,81015,787,13616%

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OCC is the world's largest equity derivatives clearing organization. Founded in 1973, OCC operates under the jurisdiction of both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Registered Clearing Agency and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a Derivatives Clearing Organization. OCC now provides central counterparty (CCP) clearing and settlement services to 15 exchanges and trading platforms for options, financial and commodity futures, security futures and securities lending transactions. In 1993, OCC became the first clearinghouse to receive a 'AAA' credit rating from Standard & Poor's Corporation, and has continued to receive that high rating every year as a result of its risk management standards. More information about OCC is available at

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