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Octasic Inc.

February 21, 2013 13:09 ET

Octasic Introduces the Industry's First Dual-Mode Small Cell Platform

Octasic's SDR4000 Supports Simultaneous Multi-Standard Operation Over a Cell Range of 20 km

MONTREAL--(Marketwire - Feb 21, 2013) - Octasic Inc., a leading innovator of baseband and media processing solutions, today announced its newest Small Cell platform, the SDR4000. This OEM-ready platform brings new levels of performance, flexibility, and frequency agility. This turn-key platform from Octasic includes baseband hardware and software, three RF front ends, and a powerful application processor.

The SDR4000 allows simultaneous 2G, 3G, and 4G operation in a compact (170x170 mm) form factor that can be powered over Ethernet with passive cooling. Capacity ranges from 16 to 100 active users across multiple cellular standards.

Featuring Octasic's OCT2224W baseband processor and a power efficient application processor, the SDR4000 enables applications such as: network extension for capacity and coverage, Network in a Box (NIB), emergency response networks, military networks, human portable BTS, surveillance, Internet caching and many more.

The SDR4000 provides the following benefits:

Wide reach: Octasic's OCT2224W DSP enables a cell range of 20 km. Many applications in less-populated areas will benefit from using fewer base stations.

Carrier Agility: The SDR4000's dynamically re-programmable radios can operate from 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz with bandwidth from 200 kHz to 20 MHz. The same platform can be used in all operator networks worldwide or for custom waveforms and frequency bands.

Complete PHY Software: Octasic's flexiPHY software offers 3GPP compliant physical layers for GSM, UMTS, and LTE, eliminating the need for OEMs to develop the baseband portion of the design.

Customizable: Octasic's comprehensive development toolset, Opus Studio, lets OEMs enhance the flexiPHY software or enable them to develop their own proprietary PHY.

Always-on Network Listen: With three radio front-ends, the SDR4000 supports continuously active network listen during cellular operation. This enables advanced Radio Resource Management (RRM) strategies for powerful Self Organizing Network (SON) capabilities.

Application-Driven: The modular nature of the SDR4000 platform allows OEMs to select the appropriate application processor to optimize their Power vs. Performance tradeoff. The use of the COM Express® standard ensures a broad range of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) modules. The SDR4000 will initially be delivered with the Intel® Atom™ processor N2600.

"Small Cell technology is creating disruption in the conventional basestation landscape as well as enabling innovative new applications. Vendors are moving very quickly to stake claims in these new markets," said Fabio Gambacorta, VP Sales and Business Development at Octasic. "The SDR4000 shortens time to market for our customers by integrating all the necessary components into one compact platform. This allows vendors to focus their efforts on developing ground-breaking applications for this emerging class of base stations."

Octasic will be showcasing its line of Small Cell solutions in Booth 7H10 at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain from February 25th to 28th.

Intel and Atom are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.

COM Express® is a trademark of the PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group.

About Octasic
Octasic Inc. is a global provider of media and wireless baseband processing silicon and software solutions for the converged carrier, enterprise and end-point communication equipment markets. The company's leading quality VoIP, HD video and multi-standard wireless base station multi-core DSP solutions are based on Opus, a unique asynchronous DSP architecture. Octasic allows next-generation equipment manufacturers to significantly reduce system costs by offering unmatched performance in terms of density and power consumption. Founded in 1998, Octasic is a privately-held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

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